windows 7 optimizer tweaker

Previously we mentioned FixWin to ‘Fix Windows 7 and Windows Vista’ – 50 Windows Fixes in One Utility, now here is a package to customize 50 parameters of Windows. Download AeroTweak – Windows Vista and Windows 7 optimizer and tweaker which will customize 50 system parameters for you.

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Freedom of using PC and internet without installed version of Operating System is something you would want sometime specially in case when you forget your Windows Login Screen password or Operating System Crash. Some operating systems do not need to be installed to run but there are some OS which are even independent of hard disk drive. You don’t need a hard disk drive at all to run operating system, use the internet and all the internet apps. Following are 4 very popular and effective portable Operating Systems to use PC without anything to be installed.

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x setup pro 1 Full All in One X Setup Pro   GiveAway with License Key

X-Setup Pro is all in one professional system tuning and tweaking utility. X-Setup Pro is the ultimate in system configuration or tweaking. It covers all types of registry tweaking options and has many useful registry tweaking features. X-Setup Pro is not yet another Windows Hacker; it is the ultimate tool for black belt system tuning and tweaking.

From simple boot options up to server settings and hardware settings, internet settings or Office options, X-Setup Pro allows you to change nearly 1800 settings with simple button click. This makes X-Setup Pro the most complete hacker/tweaking utility. Its all in one Windows Hacking Utility.

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system cleaner pc optimizer memory optimizer cache optimizer

FCleaner gonna get your PC clean and fixed in seconds. FCleaner can reach any part of the system and remove all the cache or old junk data that you really do not need, resulting in increased PC performance.

Clean Recycle Bin, Clipboard, Windows Memory Dumps, Chkdsk File Fragments, Windows Temporary Files, Windows Log Files, Recent Documents, Run Histories, Windows XP Search Assistant Autocomplete, Windows XP Old Prefetch Data, Other Explorer MRUs, Menu Order Cache, Tray Notifications Cache, Window Size/Location Cache, User Assist History, IIS Log Files, internet browsers history and optimize PC for the best performance.

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windows 7 optimizer portable free iobit toolbox

Clean Windows 7, Repair Windows 7, Optimize Windows 7 performance and enhance Windows 7 security. IObit Toolbox is FREE portable software for system administrators and computer geeks to solve PC problems anytime and anywhere. With more than 20 dedicated tools, IObit Toolbox allows you to display/diagnose PC information, enhance PC security, optimize PC performance and repairing PC problems. In a word, it offers an easy way for PC admin to monitor and manage computers.

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portable apps set 1 295 Free Portable Applications in One Program

Get 295 free portable audio software, tools, cd software, dvd software, education software, file management software, games, graphics software, internet software, office software, networking software, server software, security software, system utilities, video software – in single application. You just download the application with some already added portable apps and add some more if you like.

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Portable password manager techmynd review

Are you an IT professional and you have to move a lot for work. Can’t remember passwords for multiple websites or computers? Here is the simple solution. You can securely save all your passwords in a USB device or even in iPod and keep it in your pocket.

Many Passwords

Today you need to remember many passwords. You need a password for the Windows network logon, your e-mail account, your homepage’s FTP password, online passwords (like website member account), etc. The list is endless.

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ipod topc, pc to ipod - linux-mac-windows, songs videos transfer

iPod is not like ordinary mp3 player. No its not. To add songs in mp3 player or video player you can drag an drop songs and videos from PC to player. When it comes to ipod, songs database needs to be updated so that songs be recognized by the ipod. However you do not need iTunes to transfer data from PC to iPod or from iPod to PC. You need these two brilliant free software to get this job done for you.

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