Catch Blog’s Content Thief with Proof

by on July 19th, 2009

There are pretty much easy automated methods to copy everything from any blog as it gets updated from time to time. In order to do so you just need RSS Feed URL of the target blog. Ever heard of Blog Aggregator or Feed Reader? They does the same thing. If your feed gets in the wrong hands, you are in a big trouble. Whatever you will post, it will get published over there also without your acknowledgment or awareness. There is an easy solution to that.

copy-gatorTo find out that who’s using your feed content? Type your website domain and find out if your content is being used somewhere other than your website. This is a free service designed to monitor your RSS feed and find where your content has been republished in the blogosphere. They automatically notify you when a new post of yours is copied to another feed, They also build an overview page you can view to see how/when/where your content is being duplicated, quoted or plagiarized.