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by on November 25th, 2007

calendarHere is a program that goes a beyond what the average desktop calendar may have to offer. Calendar Magic provides a comprehensive coverage of religious occasions, 23 different calendar systems, including full-year and month calendar generation, date conversions, and month-by-month, side-by-side calendar comparisons. It can also double up as an alarm clock, stopwatch and a pregnancy calculator. It also covers observed days for around 230 different countries, and Christian, Orthodox, Buddhist, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindu, Islamic, Baha’i and Sikh festivals. It also has a Quick Notes feature for jotting down any information. Though it starts with a fairly unappealing colour scheme, it can be easily customized to your liking.

  • Full year and individual month Gregorian, Afghan, Armenian, Baha’i, Bangla, Chinese, Coptic, Egyptian, Ethiopic, French Revolutionary, Hebrew, Hindu Lunisolar (3 variants), Hindu Solar, Indian National, Islamic Arithmetical (8 variants), Julian, Revised Julian, Parsi Fasli, Parsi Kadmi, Parsi Shenshai, Persian (2 variants), Sikh Nanakshahi and Vietnamese calendars. A user option is provided to choose between displaying/printing calendars showing each week starting on a Monday (in line with the ISO 8601 international standard), on a Sunday for North American users, or on a Saturday for Middle East users.
  • Alternative Gregorian “planning calendars”.
  • “Dual Calendars” – full year calendars in various calendar systems which show, not only the months and days for a year in any one of the calendar systems, but also the corresponding Gregorian dates.
  • A month-by-month, side-by-side comparison of any two of the 24 calendar systems listed above.
  • Date conversions among the 24 calendar systems listed above.
  • Conversion between ancient Greek Olympiad numbering and calendar years.
  • Lists of Western Christian festivals, Eastern Orthodox festivals, Hebrew festivals and Islamic festivals for any (Gregorian) year. In addition, Hindu festivals may be listed for any year in the range 2000 to 2043, Baha’i festivals from 1845 onwards, Buddhist and Chinese festivals from 1645 to 3000, and Sikh Nanakshahi festivals from 1999 onwards.
  • “Observed Days” for any year from 1990 for over 230 countries and dependencies worldwide.
  • “In Which Months?” command button to list, over a range of years, the months in which a specified day of the month falls on a specified weekday.
  • The ability to create, display, update and delete reminders for events (birthdays, anniversaries, meetings etc.) for “this year”, “next year” or “every year”.
  • A multi-sheet “Quick Notes” facility.
  • An “alarm clock” facility for defining an alarm for a given time on a given date.
  • “This is your life” information including day-of-the-week on which you were born, number of days you have lived, your Zodiac sign, some biorhythm data, and the day-of-the-week on which your next birthday falls. Your “Chinese age” and your date of birth in many other calendar systems are also displayed.
  • Dates and times of equinoxes, solstices and Moon phases for any year from 1582 to 3000.
  • Solar and lunar eclipse data for any year up to 3000.
  • Sunrise and sunset information for any date up to the end of 2200 for 8000 locations across the world.
  • Moonrise and moonset information for any date up to the end of 2200 for these 8000 locations across the world.
  • Current local time and date in any of these 8000 locations, plus interpretation of time zone abbreviations.
  • A Unit Converter for converting among 1722 units of measurement in 83 different categories including length, area, volume, mass, temperature, time, velocity, energy, power, pressure, computer storage etc.
  • A Time Calculator.
  • A Geometry Calculator for evaluating key attributes (area, perimeter, volume, surface area etc.) of various 2D and 3D geometric objects.
  • A Factor Calculator.
  • A stack based Scientific Calculator with a visible stack.
  • An Expression Calculator.
  • A Financial Calculator.
  • A Fuel Consumption Calculator.
  • A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator.
  • A magic square generator.
  • A reaction timer.
  • Colour customisation of screen backgrounds, non-button text and button backgrounds.
  • Support for printing any output displayed, and/or copying it to another program via the Windows clip-board.

(Size: 2.4MB)