How to be Be More Productive with Google Calendar on Smart Phone

by on January 24th, 2014

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If you want your Google calendar to be more productive, rather than just organizing your to-do-list, Cal Google Calendar and exchange is the best app to do so. It helps you in gaining attention and focus without any endeavor. Calendar truly reveals the potential of android and has been regarded as one of the preeminent app on Web’s list of year 2013’s best apps.

It is the best app to balance your personal life and professional life in one place. If you are looking for some playfulness in your life events, and may be some harmony in your day-to-day then Cal Google Calendar and Exchange is the perfect choice for you.

Features provided by this app are splendor. Although the long list below, there is no muddle of complexity. An intuitive and smooth interface lets you find out powerful functions at the moment you need them most.


  • Work/life balance: naturally merge your personal life and professional agendas in one place.
  • Real time sync: synchronize all of your current calendars and google calendar & exchange.
  • Predictive text and voice entry: add events and details easier and faster. Simply begin typing for surprizingly accurate auto suggestions.
  • Android wigit: review your day quickly on home screen without opening the app.
  • Focus finding: a visiual timeline lets you find free moments to balance work and life.
  • Socially smart: the app sugests you whome to meet and even tells you the nearby meetings.
  • Navigation: get to events and meetings faster with built in google maps.
  • Celebrate: celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones by wishing them on tha day.
  • Task tracker: handle your tasks and supercharge your calendar in the same place by connecting cal to Any Do.
  • Land scape and month view: jump to the specific date from month view.
  • Visually refreshing: rich graphic photo themes add harmony to the everyday.
  • Actually look forward to check your calendar: this app is our answer to how am I going to get everything done? Make everyday a good day.
  • Reminders: set time and location based reminders of your important events.
  • Cal Google Calendar & Exchange is a free application and it is available on android and iOS market.


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