BuySellAds Launches Google Chrome Extension for Advertisers

by on January 24th, 2011

For advertisers and publishers, BuySellAds offers complete control over their campaigns. Buy SellAds is kind of freedom for advertisers and publishers. This is the best place where publishers can directly trade against their site visitors, doesn’t matter whether their top keywords are highly payable or not. Traffic is what matters. BuySellAds is flexible medium that works for both publishers and advertisers. Recently BuySellAds launched a very valuable chrome extension specifically for advertisers and business owners. Advertisers search for quality websites and content to display their advertisements with. This chrome extension helps advertisers find sites which are BuySellAds enabled and quickly view the ad spots it offers.

buysellads chrome extension

If you are an advertiser and use chrome, then this extension will be very useful for you. After installation it will place a BuySellAds icon at the bar which will turn colored if the site you are visiting has inventory for sale at BuySellAds. On clicking that icon it will open a popup which shows the preview of ad spots available for that site and their price. You can directly go select and buy desired ad spot. It saves time and keeps advertisers updated about their favorite sites inventory painlessly.

Team of developers at BuysellAds will get the feedback from advertisers who are using this plugin and intend to improve this plugin. For other browsers they will create the similar plugin soon.

BuySellAds Google Chrome Extension

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