BuySellAds Live Ad Not Appearing at Site

by on April 8th, 2011

Every system in this world has few faults. There is not a single thing which stands in the category of perfect. No system is perfect. Neither BuySellAds. If you are advertiser or publisher and are using BuySellAds, you might have encountered this problem. Recently an advertiser paid at BuySellAds to display his ad at TechMynd. I got a notification email. Upon checking, I saw that site was not reflecting changes in ads and BuySellAd new approved ad was not displaying. I logged into my BuySellAds account and saw that the ad was approved, live – but stats were zero and the ad was not appearing at TechMynd. For the time being I placed that ad manually at TechMynd for advertiser’s convenience and refreshed all content of site, removed cache and checked the site in many browsers but the ad was not appearing. I wondered. I sent an email to BuySellAds support and got the following feedback.

There is nothing wrong at your end, we had to pull out the ad as it was flagged as suspicious by our system.

I waited couple of hours and sent them email again.

Is it still flagged and suspicious in your system? Coz I still can’t see the ad at my site. Its live according to ur sysetm but its not appearing at my site.

And another email…

And due to this confusion, advertiser has dropped the interest and taken back his ad. Buysellads just lost me $149 dollars.

Because I saw that the ad space was available again and the approved ad was removed from BuySellAds system.

BuySellAds Support said:

The advertiser didn’t take back his ad – we removed it. It was a fraudulent order, and nobody would have ever received the money, so we were protecting you & BSA :)

The advertising was for: and the ad URL was

One of my friend said that it happened with him and so he dropped his interest in using ads from BuySellAds because sometimes the ads get approved but nothing appears actually at the website and the ad gets removed after some time and no earning was processed because the ad did not completed it cycle. He was confused due to this thing and removed BuySellAds from his site.

Strange, how people try to exploit the systems. Being a publisher, have you ever encountered such problem with BSA?