Browse and Download iPhone Apps on PC

by on May 3rd, 2012

download iphone apps on pc

Browse, search, download iphone/ipad apps on PC for later use on iDevice. If you got iPhone or iPad, then you got cydia, installous to download pretty much any app you want. Browsing through cydia or installous is not a cool experience. Its slow and hectic. Besides what if you lost installed apps on iPhone? Have you got backup of downloaded apps? Why not browse iphone apps on PC and download all your favorite apps in PC, then transfer them to iPhone or iPad to install. Here is how to do it.

You can browse and download all the apps in your PC that you access by using installous on iPhone. In other words, apps that you can purchase from appstore, can be downloaded free by using installous on iDevice. But what is better then that? Search, browse and download those apps in PC and then use those in your iDevice.

Go to AppTrackr

Use any file manager e.g. ifile and copy those apps from PC to iPhone or from iPhone to PC.