Break Windows Administrator Passoword – Part 1

by on December 12th, 2008

The screen above is showing you two windows users. You can have as many as you want. Many users do not bother about creating more then one accounts. While installing windows XP, user is asked about administrator password. Some users provide password and some not. In case you have not given administrator password and created another windows user. Suppose you forgot user’s password then you can always Ctrl+alt+Del twice at Logon screen to switch between Log On Mode which will bring prompt asking you user’s name and password. Write administrator in user input box and press enter. You are in. That is ok.

I am discussing here the worst case. Consider the following scenario:

– You gave administrator password during installation.
– You did not created another user other then administrator after windows XP installation.
– And then you forgot your password.
– Now you have Log on screen asking you the the user’s password or administrator password which you have forgotten. Now what?

What to do (You might not want to do the installation again or secure some files etc.)

There are number of ways to cope this problem. i.e.

  • Use bootable CD to log into Windows as another user
  • Use Active Password Changer –
  • I recommed you another way relating to SAM files.
    There is a location in Windows Xp as
    There are two files
    1- SAM.txt
    2- SAM
    These files contain user information.
    Delete these and password will be removed for all accounts.
    Now you are not in Windows.
    You have encountered a screen asking you password.
    And you need to go to the path
    to remove SAM files.
    Use another PC.
    Connect your hard disk with locked account in that, run that other PC with connected 2nd hard disk and browse its C drive for that location and delete SAM files.
    Unplug your hard disk.
    Connect it to your PC.
    Boot the PC.
    Password will be blank.

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    @mayank: Yep! I am going to post a solution. Make sure you subscribe to blog to receive updates so that we may inform you regarding this issue.

  2. satyam pathak says:

    thanks a lot

    u solved my problem

  3. mayank says:

    sir tell me how can break my admin. a/c. i have window7

  4. Davi says: can go into safe mode (F8 at logo when booting up) and enter as administrator and then go to accounts and change windows password and that’s with XP. I haven’t forgotten password for a pc before but can enter any XP pc in safe if the owner hasn’t gone into safe mode and designated a password for “administrator” and usually only have a password for the user account but never have tried on Vista or Win7.

    2.if that does not work,you can use software to reset the windows password,my favorite is windows password Recovery Tool 3.0

  5. Hiroshi says:

    @sai_lurn: Which game :P

  6. sai_lurn says:

    My brother usually locked his computer. So I want to play the game.

  7. samm says:

    hi plz tell me how tips and tricks break a administrator password windows xp i need it very much plz do some help

  8. Dan H. says:

    The Win98 boot trick will only work if the disk is FAT32. It will not work for NTFS drives.

  9. Khalid says:

    Even then its a pain to get another hard disk and delete sam files. Got some better way?

  10. Hiroshi says:

    @Sanix: Of course it works buddy. During my MCSE our tutor told us and we tried it out.

  11. Sanix says:

    Hiroshi have you tested this idea? does it really work? I don’t think it’ll work rather it’ll corrupt your Windows installation. Anyway, I’ll try it out on my test machine.

  12. Alliyan Kabeer says:

    Salam, Hi, hello 2 all of u
    There is another way to break into your user’s lost account. You can use even the same PC for that. You have to boot your system using windows 98 bootable CD and go to command prompt (DOS). There you can browse this location
    C:WINDOWSsystem32config and remove those SAM files using delete command.
    Then just reboot ur system with your XP OS.
    Passwords should be reset to blank now allowing you to let in.
    oks my all friends now me going so take care . [email protected]

  13. Allen says:

    Use Ultimate Boot CD, UBCD for Windows, System Rescue CD, INSERT, or just “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor” might help. Ophcrack LiveCD for auditing is also not bad.