Brain Interface Technology

by on January 7th, 2011

brain computer interface

First there was keyboard. Then came the mouse. Then the touch screen technology. what’s next? Controlling computer or bio mechanical objects using human mind is the coming technology which we will be able to get benefit from. Its the ‘human computer interaction’. Its like throwing your keyboard and mouse for good. It is like think what you want to type and computer infront of you does the rest. How would life be if the computer and human mind actually interact with each other directly, calculate, think and take action accordingly? Its like multiplying human mind’s power thousands of times. If you would possess such power, how would you change this world? Its like think and done, when human will think and machines will make it happen in no time. Guess what? This future is closer than we think.

A brain–computer interface (BCI), also called a direct neural interface or a brain–machine interface, is a direct communication pathway between a brain and an external device such as PC.

brain computer interface intendix

Intendix is the ‘thought-to-type system’ you can buy.

Patient-ready brain computer interface has been already on display. Also check out emotive and also give a read to brain computer interface at wikipedia.