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by on November 5th, 2007

I am a designer but a developer as well. I prefer performance over cool colorful windows interface so I give a little sacrifice and tweak my PC a bit to get maximum performance by my computer. Here is how I do it. After you install windows keep in mind these tips. Why is there need to share this tip? Because even computer science students sometimes even don’t know this. Its very simple although step by step guide. Be careful though.

  1. [DESKTOP]
    Right Click at Desktop
    – properties – Themes Tab – select Windows Classic.
  2. Desktop Tab – Background – (must be) None.
  3. Screen Saver Tab – select None.
  4. [My Computer Properties]
    Right Click at Desktop My Computer Icon
    – Properties – Advanced Tab – Performance Option – Click Settings Button – Visual Effects Tab – Click Radio Button that says: Adjust For Best Performance. Then scroll down that list. Check second last and third last check boxes which say.
    * Use common tasks in folders
    * Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
    Except these two all other check boxes must be unchecked.
    Click Ok.
  5. In Performance Options next tab is Advanced – Option Virtual Memory – Click button that says Change. Here at every drive give a custom size or click option system managed size.
    Click Ok.
  6. In System Properties where you clicked Advanced now see there will be Automatic Updates Tab. Select Turn Off Automatic Updates.
  7. In System Properties there is yet another tab System Restore – Check there Turn off System Restore On All Drives
  8. [Control Panel]
    Start – Settings – Control Panel
    and set following things there.
  9. Click Keyboard Icon – Repeat Delay, Repeat Rate, Cursor Blink Rate – Move three slide bars to extreme right. Click Ok.
  10. Click Mouse Icon – Pointers Tab – Use scheme Windows default and uncheck box which says Enable Pointer Shadow.
  11. Next Tab is Pointer Options – Select a pointer speed – Use fast, move slide to right. Click Ok.
  12. Next icon in Control Panel is Power Options. Power Schemes Tab. Use Never option in Turn off moniter, Turn off hard disks and System standby.
  13. Naxt Tab in power options is advanced. Use Do Nothing option in the last two options of power buttons which ask when i press power button or when i press sleep button do what?
  14. Next Tab in Power Options is Hibernate. Uncheck checkbox there which says enable hibernate. Click Ok.
  15. Click Security Center icon in control panel – Find there at left side navigation menu.
    Change the way security center alerts me. Click that text. Uncheck all alert settings. Now security center will not give annoying popups and alert you again and again for nothing.
    Now see at the bottom of that security center. You will find a caption Manage Security Settings For:
    Under that there are three options we have.
    Internet Options
    Automatic Updates
    Windows Firewall

    Click Intenet Options – First Tab – General – Use following settings
    Home page address: Click Use Blank button.
    Days to keep pages in history: write there 2 or 1 instead of 20.
    Last Tab Advanced for Internet properties – scroll at the bottom.There will be caption Security.
    Check these:
    – Allow active content to run from CDs to run on My Computer
    – Allow active content to run in files on My Computer
    – Allow software to run or install even if the signature is invalid
    And Uncheck:
    – Warn about invalid site certificate
    – Warn if changing between secure and non-secure mode
    – Warn if forms submitted is being redirected
    Click Apply – Ok.
  16. Back to Security Center.
    Automatic Updates Option – Click Turn off Automatic Updates
    Windows Fire Wall Option – check Off (not recommended)
    Ok leave now security center.
  17. Sound and Audio Devices icon in control panel – Sound Tab – Sound Scheme – select No Sound – This will do off sounds on system startup and at logging off and at logging in. Click Ok.
  18. Close Control Panel. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Temp – Remove all files in Temp folder.
  19. Go to C:\Documents and Settings – Select current user (your accont named folder inwhich you are logged in, mine here is javed) foler (Or just go to folder except All Users and default users) – Go to Local settings e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\javed\Local Settings – there are four folders inwhich three folders in there named are as:
    Temporary Internet Files

    Remove all files from these. (Hint: pressing shift+delete will remove data forever without sending it to recycle bin)
    In C:\Documents and Settings\javed there is also a folder named as recent or recent documents – remove all files from these.
  20. Come back to C:\Tools – Folder Options – View Tab – Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
    It will confirm asking you. Say yes. Now see you C drive. You will find a lot of hidden files appearing there.
    Ok. Our target is System Volume Information Folder and RECYCLER Folder.
    Go to these two and remove all files in these which can be removed. The files which are not deleting, leave these.
    After that Click again Tools – Folder Options – View Tab – Check Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) again.
  21. Open your internet explorer (IE) – Ok see at the menus and buttons you have got there.
    There are Search icon, history icon , favorites star icon, mail icon, print icon, edit icon etc.
    Do you use these? No? Ok remove these too.
    ViewToolbarsCustomize – Ckick one by one from right and click remove button till all go to left side and click ok.
  22. In IE click ToolsPopup Blocker – Click Turn off Popup Blocker. Close IE.
  23. Customize Taskbar
    See desktop – Right Click the bar where there is start button. Not at start button but at that bar and click Properties.
    Uncheck Hide inactive icons.
    Check Show Quick Launch.
    Uncheck Group Similar Taskbar Buttons.
    Second Tab there – Start Menu – make sure that Classic Start Menu is selected.
    Did you notice Customize button there. Go trhere.
    Do you notice there Recyclebin icon and Clear Button. Click Clear. Click Ok. Ok.
  24. Right. Now time to go to registry. Yep.
    Click Startrun – write there regedit and Press enter.
    There is registery editor.
    Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop – You will get Windows Metrics Click there and you will get some values at right side. Now add a value there by going EditNewString Value – Write there showmenudelay – and double click at that. A windows will appear with that value asking its Value Data. Write there digit 0 and press ok. Close Reg.editor.

Phew!!! And You are all done. Now restart your computer and check its speed.
And also

  • Use light and small antivirus software e.g. Kaspersky or AVG free.
  • Do not use any wallpaper in desktop background.
  • Use another Program Files folder somewhere else (e.g. in D), Install some programs in C:\Program Files and some in D:\Program Files, if you have less space in C drive.
  • Clean System temp folders and cache regularly.
  • Clean system temporary internet files regularly by this
    Right click at IE (internet explorer icon) on desktop. Click properties – There are two options.
    Temporary Internet FilesDelete cookies and Delete files (yes do it…)
    HistoryClear History (click that)
  • Press Window+R or simply Click at Start -> Run
    Write cleanmgr in the run and hit enter
    A dialogue box will open asking which drive you want to clean up.
    Select C press Ok.
    Disk Clean Up will be opened. Select tasks and click ok.
    This will clean temp files from PC.
  • Disk Defragmenter will clean and arrange file from drives even more.
    For that go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk Defragmenter
    Click drives one by one and click defragment. It will take time but your system will be fast and data in drives will be arranged.

These are just options and tweaks offered in Windows itself by Microsoft to turn these On or Off. But I strongly recommend that you follow these instructions only in the case when you understand what you are doing. And also read instructions here and there while playing with options. I have just done these with my PC and my PC always works fine and super with these. I have just shown these to you. You read these all carefully and if you want to do any of these then do it at your on risk. If anybody will suggest me about these in more detail that whether I am doing right or wrong and how can I do it better or what should I not do and why, then he is more then welcome.

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  2. I have one problem that my system is not showing hidden files even if I enable i from folder option is this a some king of virus