Monitor BP Using Mobile Phone – ECG, EEG Apps – Doctor in the Pocket

by on October 20th, 2010

ECG test using mobile phone

Want ECG, EEG tests? There is an app for that (for Android mobile not iPhone app). Why head towards lab or hospital and pay for these tests when you can do it using your mobile phone instantly anywhere anytime. The app tracks and displays the Live readings with a graph of your heart activity. The graph’s behavior is monitored by the app and the app can take actions when needed. e.g. If your heart stops or lags for a bit, the app can immediately contact a doctor, or the emergency services, via Wi-Fi or 3G.

Imec and Holst Centre, together with TASS software professionals have developed a mobile heart monitoring system that allows to view your electrocardiogram on an Android mobile phone. The innovation is a low-power interface that transmits signals from a wireless ECG (electrocardiogram or heart monitoring)-sensor system to an android mobile phone. With this interface, imec, Holst Centre and TASS are the first to demonstrate a complete Body Area Network (BAN) connected to a mobile phone enabling reliable long-term ambulatory monitoring of various health parameters such as cardiac performance (ECG), brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), etc.

The app can be extended, as per the authors, to even support other medical checkups like blood Pressure, sugar levels, etc. The hacked device is called the Human Plus (H+). So in future you won’t have to go to a doctor, there’s a doctor anytime, anywhere in your pocket.