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by on September 20th, 2008

I have been spreading my word about what I have been doing to cope with the problem of comments spamming in blogs. This update took bit of a time. My blog was also unavailable for couple of days back because of my last uncooperative attitude (Choose your host very carefully). Now when things are back to normal I am ready to share some fresh experiences. As you already might have noticed that there are a lot of plugins and online free tools for blocking comments spam .i.e. Spam Karma etc. I will share the method which has worked for me at my WordPress blogs.

  • Use Comment Blacklist Section under Discussion tab of your WordPress blog admin and add some bad words there. I am not going to post here bad words. You will have to use your own imagination. One way is to see your comments spam and extract bad words which you do not want and past those in blacklist box (Every word in a new line). If you see any IP address posting spam comments many times, you can block it also by pasting IP address in there.
  • Use default Akismet plugin which comes with WordPress blog. I haven’t admired it until I have used it. Seriously what can you expect more. Akismet checks for spam comments via its own server which means less load at your own blog. In Comments Section you get a tab named as Akismet Spam. Akismet separates spam from other comments and best thing about it, You can delete all by a single button.
  • Use reCAPTCHA. reCAPTCHA is a free anti-bot service which offers a plugin for blog which adds a stylish box beneath your comments form asking visitors to fill in some numbers before posting comment. You can customize its style from admin.

By taking these three easy steps, I have now zero spam in my blogs. Before daily I used to find at least one hundred spam comments in each blog. Its been such a headache to delete those one by one. Also these spammers give your server and blog hard time by increasing unnecessary load at your website. Keep spammers away and your blog should prove more useful for people and available most of the time.

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