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by on November 18th, 2007

Want to make some noise? I mean.. not noise… But you might want something which lets users know if you have updated something for them and let them subscribe or unsubscribe. Alright? Want your own subscription management system for your blog? Got a great blog? I have been searching for a while for this kind of solution.

Subscribe2 Plugin for WordPress

Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications on a per-post or periodical basis to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog. Admins are given control over the presentation of the email notifications, can bulk manage subscriptions for users and manually send email notices to subscribers.

I am using this plugin now and it works fine for me. Because of a little problem with the subscription form (When user subscribes it was doing a little funny thing with my template), I created my own form in my template which looks for whether user is subscribing or unsubscribing and responds accordingly. This plugin adds a wp_subscribe2 table in mysql server. I am just adding and deleting users with my own subscription form and rest i can do from my blog admin. Admin part of this plugin works very well.

I just post new entry and it e-mails all users or if I set it to daily digest. It sends weekly basis update e-mail to all my users and i can e-mail them manually too with this. Subscribe2 plugin adds admin part in options from where you can control e-mail options. In manage section it adds subscribers sections, from where I can manage subscribers. In write section it adds mail subscribers, from where I can e-mail my users manually.

Might be its form part of template will work for you also because you might have a different template for your blog. You just upload plugin and activate. It provides you subscribe form widget module for your template for users.

Great plugin. I was thinking about to create my own setup for subscription part of blog but this plugin made my blogging life really easy.


As soon as I find more subscription plugins, which work great i will post these here. I have written another complete post regarding plugins list. See if you want more plugins.

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