Block Proxies, Anonymity Networks, Bad Bots, Entire Countries Traffic from Your Website

by on May 12th, 2012

Normally a webmaster, blogger, website owner would want to receive traffic from all over the globe. If you get to know that traffic from certain countries brings 89% of all the revenue that you receive – would you want to restrict your website access to only specific countries to maximize revenue and minimize server load? Stop unwanted traffic, maximize revenue, minimize server load and costs. Block requests from countries that you choose. Easily maintain a whitelist of IP addresses and IP address ranges to exclude from all blocking. Easily maintain a blacklist of IP addresses and IP address ranges to block and more.

BlockScript is security software which protects websites and empowers webmasters to stop unwanted traffic. BlockScript detects and blocks requests from all types of proxy servers and anonymity networks, hosting networks, undesirable robots and spiders, and even entire countries.

Important Features

  • Block whole country traffic
  • Block proxy servers
  • Block web proxies
  • Block anonymity networks
  • Block datacenter IP ranges
  • Block User Languages
  • Blocks access from unwanted bots and spiders
  • Validate search engine spiders
  • Block satellite ISPs

Forum owners encounter spammers who obtain different IP addresses from proxy servers to create fake accounts and gain access to forum again and again. The threats continue and spammers are banned each time. The process repeats until either forum owner or spammer gives up. Use blockscript to answer spammers. If your website gains attention, it also attracts bad bots. You can restrict bad bots by using blockscript. This script also helps fighting comment spam for busy bloggers.