Big Secret of Success at Digg

by on August 27th, 2009

Winston Churchill said: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Well said. In the case of Digg, its not true because you have to not try again and again at Digg for your content. Have you ever seen top stories at Digg? How these get so much Diggs? From my personal little experience I have something to share with you that what is the secret behind the success top stories of Digg.

First of all, write good content. You have to create something interesting, really unique, critical or amusing.

Second most important thing is: DONOT Digg your own post or content.

That’s right. Do not ever post your own content at Digg.

Let the Digg users come to you and post your content. When a Digg user who has followers and network (which definitely he has) there will Digg your post, it means the post is really good. People in his network will also Digg that story and the story will get comments also. If you are going to Digg your own content, and if you are new to Digg and you are there to just Digg your own content, then nobody is going to Digg that content again. That story will be there with one Digg by you. That’s not success.

Instead what you can do is, really connect with Digg users. Follow top Digg users. Read their content. That’s outstanding for sure. Digg what you like. When you will connect to them, they will come back to you also and see what you have got. In this case your ‘not so much outstanding content’ will also get Diggs because its all about networking and Digg users are really cooperative with each other.

Think about it. Its fact.