Better AdSense – Is it?

by on December 22nd, 2007


I might call this better AdSense. There is a lot of experimentation and testing going on at AdSense program.

Recently I saw a modified AdSense unit which had back and next arrow controls with slide out and fade in effects between ads. There are also new Interactive AdSense units with pictures spotted according to Darren Rowse at problogger at UK Tech site. This is testing of new ad formats which is really very interesting. It seems like AdSense team is enhancing their program in an interesting way for publishers, advertisers and visitors to interact more with audience and its really cool.

Darren Rowse has mentioned also other new AdSense Ad units:

Unusual AdSense ad unit (336×280 pixel)
AdSense Centered Text Ads
200 x 200 Ad unit (New Possibilities and flexibility in AdSense program)
Change to Ads About (More Ads selection and option)