Best Web Hosting Provider

by on September 16th, 2008

What makes a web hosting provider The Best?

According to my experience, following things matter most;


How much secure their servers are? How much they pay attention towards your data security and their servers structures.


How much support they provide you? When I say support, it means not the tools to get intouch with host which they provide to you, but it means how much they support you in the time of need and in the time of crisis. When something bad happens or your website i.e. it crashes or data damages in case of illegal external intrusion then what is their behaviour? They might provide you an online fancy chat for support but this is not sufficient.

Every host boasts about UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED resources. To tell you the truth it is not reality. There is always downtime and quota limit at shared servers which most of us purchase.

We need a webhost which is fair, which means they tell you exactly the condition inwhich their servers and status of their servers is, reliable, secure and supportive.

Recently I went through a crisis and I found a new host. I have not spent much time with them but I am pretty sure they are the best. The reasons and features which are behind this thought are following.

  • They are at Unix Systems (Even Linux is not fully secured as Linux has got many users now a days so hackers too)
  • They are open to their customers and they let them know the real status of servers and inform them in advance about whatever condition is
  • They have got live feed about their ongoing status and servers activity
  • They have got a nice and interesting blog which I really liked to read
  • Their voice is clear, Services are straight
  • They have got lots of cool stuff which other hosts do not have
  • They have got DHSOTM (You can include your website in competition and win rewards)
  • You can collect donations from you visitors for your hosting expenditures which they handle and you do not need to worry about
  • They are green
  • They have got referral reward for you (When you recommend somebody to them, they reward you)
  • They offer 500GB storage with 5TB bandwidth which increases as you go with them
  • Unlimited databases, backups, cron jobs
  • Goodies (Cool tools for your website),
    Flash Media
    Jabber Messenger for your website for live communication with your users
    Media Streaming Support with quick time
    and much more…

This is Hosting of your Dreams. Yes, They are DreamHost.

I am a happy DreamHost customer and because of that, they say that I am green, becuase they are green.