Best Web Host For Blog

by on March 19th, 2008

truestory.gifA good Web Hosting service is a critical issue about which a serious webmaster or blogger thinks sooner or later. When it comes to Web Hosting Providers there is a lot much confusion. What are key features which a web host must have to qualify the best.

  1. More Web Hosting Space
  2. More Monthly Bandwidth
  3. Quick and Responsive 24/7 Customer Support
  4. Easy to use Hosting Panel
  5. Secure and Fast Servers
  6. Affordable and Reliable Solutions
  7. Built-in Ready to Use scripts and Programs (Fantastico)
  8. Fast Setup and More Databases

Web Hosting Space and Bandwidth are very crucial issues.

Why we need more bandwidth and space?

Because a blog is not a simple website which may be dormant most of the time. Blog grows and expands via visitors and users. Blog is a kind of live and active community which grows rapidly. I started my blogs at a very small host in very small budget which had already my personal website hosted on it. I never felt any problem regarding bandwidth until I started blogs at my host. To be truthful I received calls from my resellers that their servers are not capable of software of blogging and I must consider about purchasing a whole dedicated server which will cost me more. Actually lot more.

I searched many hosts. Besides this I was working on a big multimedia content website which is hosted on GoDaddy. That friend had 200GB of hosting package with GoDaddy which is now available as 250GB. He was not satisfied with the host because it used to go down sometimes due to load. They also suggested him to have a dedicated server. His issue was much much bigger as his content included audio, video, softwares and downloads. He moved towards IXwebHosting which claimed to provide Unlimited Web Hosting Space etc etc. But within days he realized that story behind was different. He moved again to GoDaddy and purchased three more hosting accounts with 200GB facility each and got divided his databases into portions and kept these at different hosting accounts to overcome data load. I do not suggest such host which costs you more money and more time upon website management also.

Many Web Hosting Service Providers boost about their huge resources but they just say it and bandwidth issue occurs everywhere. I had talked to a very successful blogger StevePavlina who runs a Motivational blog. But he was on dedicated servers ServInt Internet Services and the packages there were very high for Virtual Private Servers.
Further browsing and I extracted a list of best hosting providers but everywhere packages were high and web space was less.

Then I came across WordPress recommendations for Hosting Providers. Another friend of mine who was already running a successful blog recommended me of BlueHost which is also recommended by WordPress for their software platform. I finally made my decision and got a package from BlueHost and now I am completely satisfied with that.

  1. 1500 GB Disk Storage
  2. 15,000 GB/month Transfer or Bandwidth
  3. $6.95 /month (1500 GB space + domain)
  4. $10 /year for another Domain Name
  5. Unlimited Websites under same hosting
    (Just purchase another domain name and attach it with another folder in your hosting)
  6. Unlimited Domains
  7. 1000 FTP additional Accounts
  8. Ready to use Plugins and Scripts
  9. Secure Shopping Carts
  10. Free Search Engine Submission

and lot more…

I have not found any other such affordable and reliable host matching with these features. I am using BlueHost and I recommend you the same. You can share with me your experiences here, about your hosting company and your review about it.