Best VoIP Apps for your Mobile Phone

by on October 8th, 2009

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VOIP or voice over ip brings internet and phone together to make internet phone or ip phone. Free voip services and apps enable you to call friends and family worldwide absolutely free. Internet and mobile have evolved enabling you to make calls without paying much or even free in some cases. Make free and low rates international calls using these VOIP applications for your mobile and stay connected with family and friends.

Nimbuzz – VOIP Free Calls

Free Calls, Chat, Messaging and more on your mobile phone.

Learn more about Nimbuzz

Fring – VOIP Free Calls

Download Fring for mobile and get connected with your friends and family. Why call locally or internationally when mobile to mobile, mobile to PC or PC to mobile Voice chats / calls are available using Fring? All you need is internet access at mobile. Free talk, live chat and more…

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Skype – VOIP Free Calls

Skype has been the best known for its voice quality during calls and voice chats. You can make international calls for free from anywhere using Skype in a good way or otherwise in a hacker’s way. Call your Skype contacts from your mobile, free from any WiFi zone and more…

Learn more about Skype mobile

EQO – VOIP Free Calls

EQO is the core of your new and improved mobile experience, where you can stay connected to friends, family, business contacts and news from around the world! EQO’s mobile VoIP harnesses the power of the internet on your mobile phone so that you can place international and long distance calls, to anywhere, at some of the lowest rates in the world.

Truphone – VOIP Free Calls

Make free and low cost international calls, IM your friends and more with Truphone Mobile App. Free calls to skype and Truphone users. IM to Skype, MSN, Yahoo and AIM. Low rates to international landlines and mobiles. Best calls quality and more.

Vopium – VOIP Free Calls

Save up to 90% for international calls. 30 minutes and 30 sms free. Superb call quality. Vopium is a free piece of software, which you download to your mobile phone. It helps you to save money by redirecting your international calls through the cheapest possible routing. Vopium is a mobile VoIP application providing you cheap rates by redirecting your international calls as local calls: When you make an international call, Vopium re-routes your call as a local call to Vopium. You pay Vopium for the cheap international call and your mobile operator for the local call. If you are connected to Vopium WiFi or have a flat rate subscription with your mobile operator you will not pay for any local call.

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