Benefits of TechMynd Giveaways

by on July 12th, 2012

If you come to visit TechMynd for giveaways, then you will find it amazing that one of the major benefit of using TechMynd is short term giveaway period. We often take a week for a giveaway from starting to ending period, after which we announce the winner. You don’t have to wait for long time. There is no complicated procedures. Only a comment from user is considered sufficient. A subscription to TechMynd’s newsletter is a plus. While we can’t verify every time that a user is subscriber or not but we make sure to verify it as much as possible for us.

We have been honored to offer great giveaways at TechMynd. It feels tremendous pleasure in giving something useful to our guests. They like us more, after having superb giveaways for free. Many software developers contact us when they want to promote their products. Many of them launch a new product and when they want to spread the word, they contact us with one or more license keys of their products.

With time we have been announcing more and more giveaways and more software developers have found us along our journey. We are grateful to our sponsors. Its a win-win situation. They get the exposure. We make our guests happy. After all who does not like free gifts?

Sometimes we purchase software and give to users. Sometimes we get free software when we purchase one. Offering giveaways has been one of our great joys and we are always looking for more software developers to join in and promote their software through TechMynd. One reason, TechMynd has been popular is due to giveaways.

We ask from more software developers, to consider us while promoting their software. And we thank both our guests and sponsors.

I would like to convey few things to our valuable guests though.

Please subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter so that giveaways may find you at the right time without delay. Keep your subscription active.

We also encourage to engage friends and family in the contests and spread the word.

We ask from our guests to comment only once. We select one comment per user and ignore other multiple entries.

When the giveaway due date arrives, we take all the users who comment at that giveaway post, eliminate duplicate entries and randomize their names to select as per giveaway requirement and then email winners.

Stay tuned for more giveaways and spread the word.


Allow us to once again remind you that we have a running giveaway right now with full unlimited license key for everybody. PhoneTrans for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Closing date is end of July. Before that use the key in that post to register your software and enjoy iDevice data transfer over wifi. Anybody can use that license until end of July 2012.