Benefits of Dreamhost PS

by on August 7th, 2009

Any ‘Private Server’ can prove good for your popular blog but here I am talking about some specific advantages of Dreamhost, which many other webhosts do not offer.

  • You get Unlimited space and bandwidth. At Private Server you still get Unlimited space and bandwidth.
  • You get cool PS control panel.
  • Restart Server anytime.
  • Change server resources which will implement instantly without restarting server.
  • You always can monitor how much resources you are using and how much cost will it be at the end.
  • You get 60 days grace period to pay for what resources you have used in the end of every month.
  • You can downgrade to shared hosting anytime you want.
  • While transferring from shared to PS server you do not loose anything. All databases and access points will be same as before.
  • You get burstable resources. Suppose you are using 300MB of RAM, it can handle load of almost its double size because it will expand itself when need arrives and you don’t have to pay anything for that.
  • You do not get root access (For some its a benefit)