Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite – Digg Competition – GiveAway

by on July 19th, 2010

digg competition giveaway avira premium security suite keys

We have been offering some GiveAways lately. MediaRaptor GiveAway and MediaRaptor GiveAway Results. GiveAway of Avira Premium Security Suite for subscribers and Avira GiveAway Results. Avast Internet Security GiveAway and results will come at 25 July 2010.

Okay! This is another GiveAway. This is for Best Digger. One winner will get purchased Avira AntiVir Premium Security Suite with key valid for one year. One year of ultimate protection for your PC. This is a competition. Its little bit complicated. I am curious about Digg. I do not use Digg a lot but I am sure many of our guests use Digg. We want to choose One Best Digger and reward him with this GiveAway. The best part about this GiveAway is this that you don’t have to subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter. I mean if you do, its for you, you will be receiving updates from TechMynd. But that’s not necessary. Prove that you are the best Digger and have this security gift from TechMynd.

The Rules

All you need is to be a Digger.
Choose any post from TechMynd. Any Post which you like.
Digg that post.
Submit the URL of that Digg you just made, in comment.
@ 25 July 2010, we will select best Digger who will be the winner of this GiveAway.
Best Digger means ‘the person who Dugg any post’ of TechMynd and ‘got most of the Diggs’ at that.

See the image below carefully:

digg compitition avira antivir premium security suite giveaway

Any Digger, who Diggs any post from TechMynd and he gets most Diggs for that Digg in comparison to others, will be the winner.

This way best Digger and his profile will be promoted as well. TechMynd will declare you as the ‘Best Digger‘.

All you have to do is to browse TechMynd’s archive or tags and select any post. Digg it. Copy that digg’s URL and post in comments below. That’s it.

Results will be coming in one week. Use your original email in comments. We will send GiveAway to that email address.

Even if you do not use Digg, you can create an account at Digg and Digg any post from TechMynd. I am not saying this post. It can be any post from TechMynd.

We won’t accept comment with no Digg URL.

You have to prove that you are the best Digger for this short period and can take any post higher at Digg than any other participant Digger of this contest.

If we will find two or more posts with same number of Diggs from different Diggers then we will draw for one winner.

Fair Deal? Go ahead then!

This offer is valid till 25 July 2010. Hurry Up!
For our other guests and subscribers, this is the second GiveAway for this week. Yet Avast Internet Security GiveAway is here if you want to participate.
For non-subscribers guests, please subscribe because there is a atleast single GiveAway coming every week you can win but only if you are a subscriber of TechMynd.

20 Reviews

  1. Hiroshi says:

    Okay no more comments please. Joko is winner. We are making announcement and sending Joko the information after couple of hours. Thanks all the two participants.

  2. Slyvester says:

    Hi Hiroshi,

    Quiet an interesting competition, even though some people seem not to get exactly what you’re talking about … I know it’s late but I’ve gotta try my luck, you never know !

    Here’s my Digg :

    Edited by Admin:
    Where is your Digg URL? BOB?

  3. elvis Park says:

    congrats Joko for winning ..
    i think promotion of 3 month would give me same security … so i m happy than being considered as intentionally digging myself my post . i got genuine license of all major av and i dont do cheating .
    congrats again

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @Joko: Joko, you are winning. You have got 7 diggs.
    There are only two ppl in the competition yet.
    You with 7 Diggs with the post you originally dugg.
    and Elvis who has Dugg a post and thats just 1 digg for that post.
    Yet Joko is winning.
    If anybody else wants, he need to digg any other post and if he gets lucky and gets more diggs at his digg or more approvals or thumbs up or whatever this is, then he can get a chance…
    Long story short….I will explain in results.
    Joko winning yet…

  5. Mulin says:

    Thanks Hiroshi for the giveaway. I hope that I win this competion.
    My digg:
    Best regards

    Comment edited by admin:
    The url you gave is giving error…not found. Sorry. This comment in not in competition.

  6. Joko says:


    Hi Hiroshi,
    I just checked who dugg my digg and there are 5 digg now. I also checked my competitor and he got better than mine did. He got 10 digg from 10 new members who joined digg at the same time (July 24, 2010) and with 4 comments which were different only at 3 – 5 minutes. I will say that I have no hope anymore even there is a time and congratulation for Elvis who get 10 digg..:)

  7. elvis Park says:

    OMG my digg some more diggs…

  8. elvis Park says:

    so i guess i vud have to settle back to my existing av only :(

  9. Hiroshi says:

    Elvis got 1 Digg for a post.
    Joko got 4 Diggs for another post.

    Saturday and Sunday to go.

    Saturday day, Saturday night
    Sunday day, Sunday half night

    36 hours left…!!! Hurry!!!

    Joko 1, Joko 2, ….

  10. Hiroshi says:

    Finally. Thank Goodness, there is another competitor here. I was really disappointed by the response of this offer. Well, I am now as well, sort of . Only two diggers took heart to try this offer.
    Anyways…by looking at the Digg, Looks like this giveaway will go to ‘Joko’, unless there is another Digger who can digg any post here and get 4 or 5 digg approvals (diggs) for his digg.

  11. Joko says:

    Hi Hiroshi,
    Very interesting competition. I want to try my luck. Here is my digg:


    Please count me in.

  12. elvis Park says:


    good to see that … i hope people rather focus on whai i digg and not this post :)

  13. Hiroshi says:

    @my_immortalize: Guyz, please see rules.
    You Dugg my Digg, which is:
    and I have got 3 Diggs for that.
    According to that I gonna win because that’s under my account or user.
    Please Digg some other post.
    Did you read the rules?

    Don’t Digg this:

    That my Digg.
    I don’t wanna win. I am the author, ppl.
    I want to give this Avira to some other best Digger.
    I am not the Big Digger.
    I have been and am a Digg looser.

  14. Hiroshi says:

    Only 3 days remaining. Any other Digger want to try luck?

  15. Hiroshi says:

    According to rules, Yet, We have only one person who is winning this giveaway and he is ‘Elvis Park’. Atleast yet!

  16. my_immortalize says:

    Count me in please…

  17. elvis Park says:

    thx for correcting the link … hope i am the best digger :D

  18. Hiroshi says:

    @elvis Park: You have broken the ice here. Let’s see whats next. We need One best Digger. This is funny little competition. Its Fun. The best Digger according to this competition will have Avira Premium and will be getting some exposure.

  19. Hiroshi says:

    @elvis Park: Thanks.

    Please give full URL like this:


    and NOT like this:

    TechMynd breaks frames if site like Digg tries to use it in frames. That is why we need the URL of Digg like above, which is more easy for everybody to clearly see and understand that what’s going on.


  20. elvis Park says:

    there u go


    fingers cross fot the giveaway :)

    thx mate for the awesome contest ,,, keep them coming