AVG Internet Security One Year License GiveAway

by on August 17th, 2010

AVG internet security full registered free downloadTechMynd became AVG authorized reseller recently and to celebrate that, we have another AVG Internet Security Giveaway for you. One year license of AVG Internet Security worth $54.99 for one lucky guest. Result will be at Sunday 22, 2010. We will select a random subscriber guest who comment at this post. We have given away many giveaways. Guests have shown lot of interest in that so we have arranged a registered software to giveaway every week. This week another great GiveAway is coming besides AVG Internet Security. So stay tuned and subscribe with TechMynd to receive its updates via email and comment this post to receive this and many many many other great GiveAways.

At Sunday 22, 2010 we will select a random guest who is subscriber and who will comment this post. The lucky winner will receive AVG Internet Security and its license for one year, invoice or order details in form of PDF.

AVG Internet Security 9

AVG is very popular anti virus company. AVG anti virus protection program comes with complete PC protection and internet security without slowing down PC.
Windows anti virus protection is the important most issue for every PC user. Only Anti virus protection software is not sufficient so we have offered you Internet Security software including Anti Virus protection so that with your PC being safe, you also feel secure when you go online and use social networking websites and browse the web.

AVG is faster, smarter security that won’t slow your computer down.

  • Safely bank and shop online without fear of identity theft thanks to AVG’s new Identity Protection technology.
  • Surf, and search with confidence, with LinkScanner checking web pages at the only time that matters right before you click that link.
  • Identity protection – up-to-the-minute banking and shopping protection.
  • Online Shield – safe social networking, chatting and downloading.
  • Anti-spam – safe, uncluttered e-mail.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware – safe computer.
  • Enhanced firewall – block hackers.

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  1. geidh says:

    i hope i win this contest!!!!!!!!!
    i have never won anything in this giveaway and i need avg soo bad i havent had a antivirus in my computer for 6

  2. geidh says:

    i hope i win this contest!!!!!!!!!
    i have never won anything in this giveaway and i need avg soo bad i havent had a antivirus in my computer for 5 months

  3. hadi says:

    i ttied it
    it is the best agianst hackers

    i would like to get it

  4. Hiroshi says:

    @ray: In that case I will expect present from you at my birthday. What would you offer me as a gift?

  5. ray says:

    i wish I will win this license. this month s my birthday.. would you give me a present with it………

  6. Barda says:

    nice giveaway thanks.

  7. Luis G says:

    Great giveaway!

    I have good memories of the freeware version of the AV…

    I hope I win!

  8. poohkt says:

    Great giveaway. Please count me in. Thanks a lot.

  9. Rana Irfan ali says:

    it’s good

  10. tom torres says:

    Many thanks for giving us a chance to get this software for free ,to win this giveaways is a great because AVG is a popular and a very good security,i used it before a free edition,so hopefully i can get a real one..count me pls

  11. qwerus says:

    I’ve never tried this one but i hope to win license and install this useful software!

  12. i d says:

    AVG, great giveaway. Please count me also.

  13. Kris Hendricks says:

    Please enter me into the giveaway. I heard that AVG is a great security program and would like to try it. Thanks.

  14. andelip says:

    I hope I win one licences

  15. btor says:

    hi please do count me in thankyou a lot it is great giveaways by you guys

  16. sam says:

    hey!!!!!!give it to me dude>……………tryin 4 a long tym…………plz dnt kill my fantasy…..

  17. worldcity says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway – want it!

  18. abdelraouf says:

    Amazing…thanks for your nice offers for your subiscribers..no other sites make what you doing …
    i did not win with you but others wons…so i apperechiate..your works..
    thank you..and i like to get through your offers original copy of windows XP or 7

  19. Hari says:

    nice giveaway. i want this

  20. Krishna says:

    Thanks for the give away.

  21. koolguy says:

    thanks for great give away….

  22. suman59 says:

    thanks for the great give away….

    i hope i wil get licence

  23. peebee says:

    WOW! I just found this amazing site. What great giveaways, not like anywhere else.
    I would really like to get a professional security suite after chopping and changing between all the free ones.Please enter me in the draw.
    Thank you

  24. shashi reddy says:

    Thank you for the give away. I like AVG . Count me for the give away. Thanks in advance.

  25. gizella says:


  26. gizella says:


  27. Tylicia says:

    Please count me in and good luck to everyone! If I win I will faint lol but its always worth the try and thank you for the offer. Hugs to all

  28. Schlange says:

    Oh, another AVG IS giveways !
    Please count me in . Hopefully can win either 1 then.

    Thanks again.

  29. T.C. says:

    Count me in. =)

  30. vivek says:

    grt giv away count me in thanks for the offer

  31. Alan says:

    Again… very nice. Thanks!

  32. Pradeep says:

    I love this site. AVG has a good reputation. One lucky guy…. I with its me.
    Count me in buddy. Let me throw my lot too. May the luckiest guy/girl win.

  33. Rana Irfan ali says:

    it’s a good one i have used free older version but this time i am looking for registered one.

  34. KCan says:

    I’ve used their standalone anti-virus already. It might be nice to try the Internet Security edition.

  35. Silvester says:

    Please count me in. I like AVG Internet Security too.

    Thank you !

  36. Abhishek says:

    Count me in too.

  37. Supremacy says:

    Oh, ooh, Ooh they have done it again. This is the AVG moment. This is the offer I have being waiting for, please fix me in this offer.

  38. arina says:

    То же хочется получить антивирус, хочется испытать удачу, хотя не везет.Антивирус мне нравиться.
    Edited by admin: Translation:
    It is desirable to obtain anti-virus, want to try your luck, though not vezet. Antivirus I like.

  39. dodi nugraha says:

    many contest in here , i am not the winner
    in this contest ,and i want to win

  40. Supremacy says:

    Oh, ooh, oooh. they have done it again. This is the AVG moment I am waiting. Remember me in this great offer.

  41. Alex says:

    hope i get it will be good

  42. wayne says:

    would love to have avg thanks for the chance

  43. Paul O. Snawder says:

    Please oh please find it in your heart to include me in this giveaway.
    You will be blessed from now until on.

  44. bill ehm says:

    This is good software. Please count me in. Thnks.

  45. b0n0_pl says:

    I’d like to try it out..

  46. drtank says:

    pls count me in….
    its a very good software…

  47. ali says:

    WOW !!!
    Very Good Giveaway In Very Good Site
    Thanks Alot HIROSHI

  48. Pawan says:

    one more try ………. hey HIROSHI howz u…..?
    remember me….?

  49. suriyopami says:

    Thanks for giveaway ,Count me please

  50. Frank says:

    I never used AVG. Please count me i want to try AVG Internet Security. Thx.

  51. vaibhav srivastava says:

    i am also in the queue… hope i will get… do count over me…

  52. Ram says:

    Hi Hiroshi,

    Congrats! for becoming an authorized reseller….for AVG.. :)

  53. acatatease says:

    One of the best and one I’d really like to have… do toss my name into the hat.

  54. Malik says:


    Please count me in the promo. I hope I get to win this time as I’ve not for a long time. Anyway, AVG ranks in the top ten and need a suite very badly. I hear it’s not any more a system resource hog and the antispware has improved.

    Great giveaway! Cheers!

  55. Ali Shannon says:

    I’ll try my luck on this one.

  56. SAAD says:


  57. alforamos says:

    hi, I want to participate, count me in, please

    best regards

  58. ROHIT says:

    Thanks for again conducting the nice giveaway of Avg. Avg did a good performance in AV-Test product reviews. Please consider me in for the giveaway. Best Regards.

  59. dumi says:

    Nice giveway.
    Please count me in.

  60. Daniel says:

    Great product. Thanks ofr the offer.

  61. phil says:

    Thanks for the offer. Kaspersky is great!

  62. Mike M says:

    Another awsome giveaway please include my name in the draw.

  63. emirkanim says:

    Hi Thank you for your study.
    I am a student. I want to win this .. Such studies are waiting …

  64. princeaniket says:

    another giveaway..
    like to test Avg on my laptop..
    count me in..

  65. Anoon says:

    Count me in please. i do not have any antivirus installed until now..

  66. Sandeep says:


    Great giveaway, AVG is very good software. Hope I will be the lucky one to get it.


  67. Adresa says:

    I’m in and for this one.
    This its a security suite that don’t give you a headache when you worc on your computer. Light resource consumption.

  68. Ana María says:

    Hello. I wish a licence, please. TKS.

  69. barda says:

    count me in thanks

  70. ibhecks says:

    one of my favorite antivirus, I’ve only tried the free idition, it’s time to try your luck to get the full version


  71. Dinesh Kumar says:

    I need one . Now I am using Avast Free antivirus which is Not very Effective. Thanks for the giveaway.

  72. billy13 says:

    I wish i win tis 1….thanks!

  73. dozamet1 says:

    Very good package is.Thank you for another contest. Can now be successfully

  74. mehrdad says:

    avg is a best anti virus. i used avg free edition. thanks for nice giveaway

  75. Kristi says:

    I just want to win and give a try to AVG IS. I don’t have used AVG products for a long time and I think this will be the right way to start.

  76. Bhavya Gupta says:

    AVG rox!!!

  77. Bhavya Gupta says:

    I luv giveaways!!!!

  78. Slyvester says:

    Great giveaways, they just keep comin’ on Techmynd.com! Wow, don’t you stop, Hiroshi …
    Thanks a lot again and this time for a suite “AVG Internet Security One Year License”. Please include me and good good luck to y’all.

  79. new_reader_2010 says:

    I’d like to try it. So please count me in

  80. popoy says:

    AVG Internet Security again !! that is great

  81. Tran says:

    AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. AVG Free is available free-of-charge to home users for the life of the product!

  82. yfyl says:

    Thanks for the post!

  83. KIRAN BATOOL says:

    i want to be a winnar

  84. Huy says:

    AVG Free Edition là công cụ chống virus bảo vệ nổi tiếng. AVG Free có sẵn miễn phí của người sử dụng nhà cho cuộc sống của sản phẩm!

  85. maziar says:


    I hope I win one licences

  86. KIRAN BATOOL says:

    this time i want to be a winner

  87. Tadeusz says:

    AVG Internet Security is this excellent software protecting the computer !
    I hope i win this one.

    I wish You the nice week !

  88. WLYKing says:

    Nice giveway.
    I would like to try my luck again & hopefully can win 1 license then.
    Please count me in.

    Thanks & Regards

  89. :Neo: says:

    looking forward to this giveaway :)

    finger cross

  90. Sanix says:

    I hope I’ll win this time .. I’m a long time RSS subscriber of your blog :-)

  91. gery says:

    i hope i win as i am left with no antivirus software since a month ago

  92. malkhaz says:

    Great giveaway, thank you for a chance

  93. amit raina says:

    plz count me also

  94. Alex says:

    Super giveaway, count me too, please!

  95. Krin says:

    Thank you ver much for your giveaway
    I love to use AVG, please count me in

  96. devesh kumar says:

    wow!!!! A great news . AVG is really a good antivirus. I hope I won this time .

  97. hkw says:

    Thanks to TechMynd for this Great Giveaway!!!
    AVG is the best software which ensures maximum protection and security of yourf your pc without slowing it down.
    I hope I can win this time in this Giveway!
    Hope similar giveaway events can be held all the times as they are always welcome!!!

  98. aungzeya38 says:

    i would like to echo of Bitola … Pls Count me in..

  99. saso_bitola says:

    WOW!!!!!!Again great news.I hope i win this one because I nver won any giveaway.Regards to all and GOOD LUCK