AVG Internet Security Winner

by on August 22nd, 2010

Result for AVG Internet Security Giveaway is here. The offer was posted at 17-08-2010 and 91 guests participated. Here is the lucky winner randomly selected from 91 participants.

The Winner

Aug 19, 2010
Please count me in and good luck to everyone! If I win I will faint lol but its always worth the try and thank you for the offer. Hugs to all.

I guess (I am not sure) that our winner guest is from CANADA, ONTARIO. Congrats! Tylicia, and don’t faint.

An email is in its way to Tylicia about the details of software.
Update: Email sent.

We request winners to update us via email or comment that they have got our email. Thanks to all participants. Guests who missed the opportunity can comment at any other GiveAway Offer at TechMynd to receive it free but don’t forget to Subscribe if you haven’t already.

6 Reviews

  1. Tylicia says:

    Thanks TestGOTD and everyone for the well wishes. BTW SHE is very happy lol

  2. TestGOTD says:

    Congrats to winner! He should be OK now! Thanks to Hiroshi/TechMynd for wonderful giveaways. I am now waiting for Kaspersky 2011 winners. Hope I will one of them, else I might really faint. It is one of the best security software for computer protection and I have not won Kaspersky license ever in my life. This time I am optimistic, but still have fear in my heart and mind.

  3. Hiroshi says:

    @Tylicia: You are welcome.

    Ladies and Gentlemen. We have the winner here.
    Thanks Tylicia.

  4. Tadeusz says:

    Congratulations for the winner !

  5. Tylicia says:

    Thank you so very much This truly made my day! :) And yes I didn’t faint but was very very surprised! Thank you for this great offer & Hugs To Everyone!! Tylicia

  6. amon says:

    when will I win a key from here?
    Anyway I’ll still keep on trying.
    I congrats that winner of this great tool, everyone else best wishes.