AVG Internet Security 9 Winner

by on August 8th, 2010

AVG Internet Security 9 Giveaway was posted at 29-07-2010. I am announcing the winner but first I have a message for our guests.

The winner was supposed to be announced at Saturday. This is Sunday and I am a bit late this time again. The reason is my laziness again. Now a days I am sleeping a lot. I apologize and for further Giveaways, Announcement day will be Saturday but in case I am being lazy, it will be at Sunday for sure. This is a short term laziness I am experiencing but I assure you that I will be back to normal soon. You know, sometimes you need time for yourself. You need to get real social and spend some time with friends and family and leave computer for a while otherwise excessive use of computer can affect your psychology and physical health. In my case I found myself irritated at small things and lost full night peaceful sleep for last few days. So I took short breaks and posted less at TechMynd. But here I am and lets meet the winner of AVG 9 giveaway. 70+ guests participated in this giveaway and one lucky winner is here.

One lucky randomly selected guest is here.

AVG Internet Security 9 Lucky Winner


Thanks for this giveaway! Great protection for my one PC.

An email has been sent to Vhick.
Congrats Vhick.

Guests who missed this GiveAway can participate in next GiveAways and guests who have not subscribed yet, can subscribe to enter in GiveAway offers. Thank you all. We intend to increase the number of GiveAways per week. Guests are many and only one GiveAway per week is not sufficient. And I am happy that I am helping my guests in real time.

I apologize again for delay in comments reply and slow posting now a days.

Love from TechMynd.
Posting next GiveAway in few hours…

3 Reviews

  1. Tadeusz says:

    Congratulations for the winner !

  2. vaibhav srivastava says:

    congrats to the winner….

  3. vhick says:

    Thank you very very much for the winning.

    I already receive and put the license.

    Thank you very much again..