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by on June 6th, 2013

I shall admit that I was pretty amazed to see Nokia Lumia in hands of Jenifer Lopez in her new video song “Live it Up”. The display of the Windows phone was just stunning in the song where they displayed a bold Windows Phone styled SMS conversation between Jennifer Lopez and her fellow artist Pitbull. This is the most notable example of Windows phone publicity while there are Android based phones and Apple’s iPhone as competitors. Microsoft claims that new Nokia Lumia is better than iPhone and better than Android powered phones. Still in the competition, Windows phones have not lost style and liking among users. Now there are many free and paid security solutions for Android and iPhone, have we any security solution for family and kids on Windows phone?

AVG Family Safety 8 seems to be an answer which is a free and secure, family-friendly web browser, that helps protect you and your children from inappropriate web sites, online scams, online fraud, phishing sites, potentially malicious content, and websites that try to misuse personal data.

Internet explorer on Windows phone is secure but if you want to take further step for family safety, then AVG Family Safety secure browser is an alternative to internet explorer to make your online activity secure.


  • Any malicious sites you or your family try to visit that contain scams or malware will be blocked, using data provided by AVG’s Linkscanner technology that you get in AVG Internet Security for PC. You will be notified and prevented from accessing such malicious websites.
  • It will protection your and family from mature and inappropriate content. Sites that are deemed inappropriate are blocked with the category displayed. It will block sites related to pornography, malware, alcohol, drugs, violence, weapons and proxy sites.
  • You can keep using your existing browser for yourself and set AVG Family Safety as your kid’s browser.

AVG Family Safety works like other web browsers. It has regular browser features like history of visited websites and bookmarks for favorite websites.

You can also use AVG Family Safety in conjunction with the AVG Family Safety PC product that will allow you to:

  • Easily customize the list of allowed and blocked sites.
  • Monitor the online activity of the different users and devices.
  • Block social networking and other sites (per individual login for each kid).

Get an extra layer of online protection for you and your family. From our experience: we say it could have been better. Tabs would be nice in it. If it could have the ability to block the default web browser in phone then it would be a killer safety web browser. But give it a try, you might actually like it. Developers will update it in further releases.

avg family safety

avg family safety

Download AVG Family Safety 8 for Windows Phone
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