Avast Security for Android based Smart Phones

by on May 8th, 2013


Protect your Android based smart phone from malicious attacks and viruses. Locate your lost Android device in case it is stolen. Block specific numbers from being able to call or send SMS messages. Get a mobile firewall to block hackers. Track network data and wifi usage. Avast mobile security gives you top class mobile antivirus protection and mobile tracking facility in stealth mode. Not only computers, but smart phones are also target for hackers to steal your identity and personal information. We download and install many apps continuously, without doing much inquiry about its publisher. Just an interesting app by look and feel and users will download it to use on their smart phone. Kids have smart phones and they download stuff everyday. Mobile apps (games, software) can be malicious. So we need a good antivirus and security protection for our mobile phone.

Avast Mobile Security keeps you safe from malware and malicious apps. Avast Anti-Theft component provides you with remote options for locating and recovering your smart phone. The homescreen widget gives you easy access and instant protection status. Web Shield warns you if your browser tries to load any malware-infected URLs. If your phone is rooted, you can add a firewall to ensure that hackers stay out of your phone. Your data usage is tracked to help you stay closer to your monthly data limits. SiteCorrect helps prevent the troubles of mistyped URLs that can prevent you to visit malicious website. All for free!

Avast Antivirus for Android – Features

  • Real-time Antivirus protection for your Android
  • Scan scheduler
  • SMS scanning
  • Remote lock mobile phone
  • Remote locate GPS
  • Remote siren
  • SIM change notification
  • Contacts backup
  • Remote memory wipe for Android device
  • Filter and block incoming calls and SMS messages selectively
  • Track your lost or stolen device
  • Monitor your security status via homescreen widget
  • Web shield – Infected websites warning
  • Firewall to block hackers
  • Track network data and Wi-Fi usage
  • Auto-correct for mistyped URLs
  • Customizable antivirus updates
  • Privacy report
  • Unwanted app detection









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