Autorun-dot-Inf and Frethog-dot-AOJ Trojans Removal

by on April 9th, 2008

My PC just got infected with autorun.inf (INF/Frethog) and (Win32/Frethog.AOJ) viruses. Whenever I clicked at any drive, it was opening in new window and also after opening it was giving a virus warning. AVG and Kaspersky were unable to remove these viruses.

Before I was using AVG free edition which kept my PC clean for long term but then because of another attack of viruses I tried kaspersky and it was good but I think now a days there is a new attack of viruses and this is more because of USB drives and other removable media. From offices and other places we have to collect data sometimes and these viruses are propagating now a days hitting system memory, registry, folder options and drives. Frethog is a trojan. Autorun.inf can be associated with any malacious program to execute it.

I have tried EZ Antivirus and it has worked for me. EZ gives you options for manual scan and selective scan. I recommend this antivirus for these viruses.

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  1. Hiroshi says:

    You can Also try this:

    1. Boot your system in Safemode
    2. Open your flash drive via Command Prompt (do this via Start->Run->cmd.exe).
    3. Change your logged drive to your USB flash drive (e.g. if your flash drive is at drive E: then type E: on the command prompt then press enter)
    4. Type ATTRIB -H -R -S AUTORUN.INF then press enter
    And reboot the system.

  2. Hiroshi says:

    Hmm! Download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.

    -Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.
    -The utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.
    -Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.
    -Reboot your computer when done.

    Remove any temp files.

    C:\Documents and Settings\Your PC User Name\Local Settings\Temp

    Check for:


    Delete these as well.
    Hope this will work.

    You can also try “Kaspersky intrnet security 2009”. Download trial version and scan whole C drive.

  3. Aayush says:

    Hey i Have EZ antivirus aswell, but i doesn’t help me, the message of ‘your computer is infected with – autorun.inf (INF/Frethog) – status : file deleted’ but the problem is that this message keeps showing every 10 seconds, what should i do?