Appsolutely Free Webhosting For Content Management Systems

by on February 5th, 2009


Absolutely (appsolutely) FREE UNLIMITED Web Hosting offer for some specific content management systems i.e. WordPress, Drupal, ZenPhoto, phpBB, MediaWiki, Google apps etc. is here.

No banners or ads.
All free for life.
Automatic One-Click Software Installations
Bring your own domain – or get one from them free

I do not have domain or website yet. I just post here at this blog and at some other couple of blogs and forums occasionally out of hobby so I though to give it a try. I was lucky enough to get past Diablo today, got free account and my five free applications are running live. wow. I intend to post some nice freeware stuff at all there.

I can give invitations now for free hosting there as I am member now. Yet it was invitation based only but today Diablo was kind enough to distribute many free accounts. You will need invitation code. Keep an eye at DreamHost Twitter page to get code or see their blog. In case you are not lucky, ask me invitation code in comments.

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  1. CreelveLayele says:

    If you can improve your Google PageRank then you will have a sure-fire way of improving your listing position
    Interact in forums and online communities.
    Try viral products like ebooks, reports and free software programs to get your links out into the marketplace.
    Instead, pick a whole range of keyword phrases that have less or little competition.

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @Arrorieassend: To make your website show on top of Google, start a blog along with your website. A wordpress blog. Create good content. Write daily. Find good articles, link to valuable resources and have a bit of patience. Do not do pay per click kind of things. Play fair, work hard. You will get through. For making money fast, find advertisers for your site. Try other advertisement solutions too. And give your gf lots of love. She won’t leave :)

  3. Arrorieassend says:


    Can any one show me how to make my website show on the top of google page results, I did agree to pay google per click and still I can see my website not within the first 10 pages of the search, what should I do improve my website pagerank or page ranking

    My girlfriend will leave me if I don’t make money fast.

  4. Abdul Qudoos says:

    awesome :X
    offer is still valid :X

  5. Zeus says:

    Yeah! I already got one. Add Dreamhost twitter user in your twitter account and check if they release more codes. Use Twitter fox plugin for Firefox. Free offer by Diablo will be closing soon, I suppose. There will be again invitation only sign up again. I am using phpBB forum with this app. Great offer by Dreamhost. I intend to extend mine into fully dreamhost hosted forum if it comes successful.