What is Apple iCloud

by on September 25th, 2012

With iCloud, the stuff you love is everywhere you need it. Automatically, iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more, wirelessly and pushes them to all your Apple devices. Automatic, effortless, and seamless data syncing through all Apple devices puts you at ease on the go – wherever you are, whatever Apple device you are using, you can access your photos, music, videos, contacts, and documents anywhere. You need Apple ID to use iCloud service. iCloud offers 5GB of free storage online. Once you activate iCloud service in your Apple device, all your data from that device starts to store at iCloud under your Apple ID. If you use any other iDevice, login to your Apple account and enable iCloud at it, you will be able to access all your data from iCloud in that new device. Watch videos below for more explanation.

iCloud Harmony

In more articles to come, we will explain how to enable and use iCloud in different iDevices, how to take backups of your data and access it from iCloud.