Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints On New Product in Television Technology

by on May 31st, 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed his ‘intense interest’ in television technology at the All Things Digital conference recently. Tim Cook was asked; “Are you making an entire Television?” – to which Tim Cook responded: “You were right, I am not going to tell you…”

Tim Cook won’t say anything clear about his Apple TV plans but he is willing to admit that Apple TV product is not a big hit like iPad or iPhone and this is where they are willing to go further to see what they can do about it because Apple is not a hobby company. They create solid products that do unique business otherwise they just leave and put their energies in any other area which they think they can change, control and contribute to.

Anyways folks; new Apple TV is coming (in 2013) that is expected to be a magical and revolutionary device… Watch Tim Cook revealing in the video below.

At All Things Digital conference, Tim Cook was asked about the TV technology that was of huge interest for Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs wanted to change and revolutionize the television technology. iPad, iPod, iPhone were revolutionary devices but iTV is a different product. Its not like tablet business, phone business or music business. Its not of the same market size than phone business or the MAC business. Tim says:

“We have stayed in the Apple TV product business. We are not a hobby kind of company. Lat year we sold 2.8 million Apple TV. This year 2.7 million. This is an area of an intense interest for us. We are going to keep pulling the string and see where it takes us. Its an interesting area and we have to see what we can do.”

We will expect innovation from Apple even after Steve Jobs has gone. Apple has inspired the world with revolutionary products and we think that this time, they are targeting the television technology. Will it be another modified Apple TV or it will be entirely different – an entire Television!