Appear Invisible in Facebook Chat

by on October 4th, 2009

facebook chat go offlineDo you want to know who is online on Facebook without logging to Facebook Chat? If you are a FaceBook user and have got a lot of friends then you might be annoyed a little from online friends chat feature. Some people just try to get back to you and say hi every time you login to your FaceBook account. That is actually pleasant but not if you are working at something along with checking your FaceBook account. You can make yourself invisible by going to options and clicking Go Offline but here is another way to do it by using a simple application and get rid of all annoying chat windows that pop up every now and then. The best thing about it is that you can still see who is online and talk to your friends even you are in invisible mode.

Why be bothered by chats when all you want to do is quickly see who is on Facebook right this second? Very simply, use this application to see which of your friends are online without turning on Facebook Chat. No strings attached. Online Now does not affect your Facebook Chat online status. If you want to appear “invisible,” turn off Facebook Chat and use Online Now to see who’s online. You can only chat with your friends if you turn on Facebook Chat and appear online.

To turn off Facebook Chat and appear offline, click the icon to the right of the notifications icon in the bottom right of your screen and click “Go Offline” in the popup box. If you do not see icons on the bottom right of your screen, try using Firefox or Safari.

Online Now – FaceBook Chat Application

Here is another app called Go Offline

Go to ‘Go Offline’