Anvi Smart Defender Pro, Anti-malware Anti-adware Giveaway – 5 License Keys

by on July 21st, 2012

TechMynd is hosting Cloud System Booster Pro giveaway currently from Anvisoft, that will be over at 25 July 2012. Anvisoft has given us another opportunity to host giveaway for ‘Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware’. Anvi Smart Defender Pro is worth $24.98. Anvi Smart Defender free version is also available that comes with basic guard. Free version guards privacy, startup, files and system background processes. Pro version comes with the premium guard that also guards web traffic, system and software behavior, USB removable drives and adwares. It comes with Anvisoft toolbox that includes ‘Cloud System Booster‘, ‘Windows Update Downloader‘, ‘Anvi Ad Blocker‘. Comment this post to enter in this giveaway and tell us what do you think about this product. 5 lucky winners will be announced at ‘5 August 2012’.

Anvi Smart Defender comes with light and smart swordfish scan engine. Its powerful and provides real-time protection for extra PC security from adware, malwares. It has advanced malware detection and removal capability. It also monitors software behavior and web traffic to find any kind of threat and removes it.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro Features

  • Guard PC Privacy
  • Guard system startup
  • Guard background processes
  • Guard files
  • Monitors web traffic
  • Monitors system and software behavior
  • Guard external drives
  • Detects Adwares, malwares
  • Optimizes PC for performances
  • Cloud scanner scans for latest threats and removes them
  • Offers quick scan, complete and custom scan options
  • Works in background without disturbing your work
  • It can detect and remove the latest and difficult to detect malwares
  • It monitors every process and stop malicious processes in background
  • Real time cloud based protection stops malwares and adwares effictively and timely
  • Comes with toolbox for extra PC maintenance (includes Cloud System Booster, Windows Update Downloader, Anvi Ad Blocker)
  • Award-winning malware detection
  • Free updates and upgrades

Anvisoft has got In-house malware research center with top malware researcher and expert to actively uncover and defeat new viruses.

Besides, looking at their free removal tools, progress they have made and experience they have in virus removal tools is amazing. Go to their download page and scroll down to the free tools. They have got lots of experience in removing several threats and creating removal tools. So this software must be really effective, active and best yet in malware and adware removal.

Download Free Anvi Smart Defender

Download Free Anvi Smart Defender

Get Anvi Smart Defender Pro with License

Comment this post and use your real email address. Tell us, which software have you used for malware and adware removal? What feature in this product is impressive. We will have 5 license keys. 5 lucky winners will be announced at 5 August 2012.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro Homepage

30 Reviews

  1. ls245 says:

    thats a great software and a greater giveaway, i want that key!!!!!

  2. Okusamericans says:

    and I get tired of antivirus always want to try this, thanks;)

  3. dad says:


  4. Ethan says:

    This is Greta Software And Great GIVEAWAY,I Love this software,but the financial possibilities are very weak for me,and I can not take this,I hope to have a little luck and to win this Giveaway,Thanks for this wonderful opportunity

  5. TechGeek says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Normally I use Malwarebytes Antimalware for malware removal. I like all the features of this security software, especially the cloud scanner and the files guard. Hope to win a license of this one.

  6. Free says:

    tHANKS For campaign.I used AD-Aware Personal Security and Emsisoft online armor premium.

  7. jerzy6012.50 says:

    dobry program antyvirusowy chce go uzywac ,ostatnio uzywalem Avire,teraz chce ten soft .

  8. Azmi says:

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway and for the short review above! I’m currently using Anvisoft Smart Defender Free edition since the first beta release and am happy with it. There are so many good things to talk about this powerful malware scanner, after all I find that the advantages are enough to keep me using it. Superb malware detection rate, light on resource, can be used alongside other real-time antivirus, simple, sleek and stylish graphical user interface, and it features extra tools to optimize my system health and boost my computer performance. The cloud-based scanning is indeed a brilliant idea, it works similarly like the heuristic analysis to identify suspicious file, unknown threats as well as new malware or variants of known malware. Unfortunately the premium features such as website blocking, usb & external guards, behaviour guard (hips) and ad blocker are missing from the free version so I can’t elaborate on those. I found that as an IT student and active internet user, it is important for me to protect my system from new and modern threats due to the higher chance for me to get infected from installing software and exchanging files. I’m currently using VIPRE Internet Security 2012, Malwarebytes and SUPERAntispyware as adware and malware removal, but have tried almost every malware scanners available out there (you name it). I would highly recommend Anvisoft Smart Defender for those who are looking for a powerful and effective malware scanner, but if you can afford the pro version go for it, as prevention is better than cure. Anyway thanks again for the giveaway, put my name in your drawing list and good luck to all contestants.

  9. T4G0R says:

    Nice giveway. Please count me in.

  10. Sumit Kumar Gogawat says:

    Its good to see again anti virus giveaway. Recently i format my pc window & install window 7. so i need this antivirus. Please count me in.

  11. suyanto says:

    l have used amisoft mamutu,but there is not optimizerOptimizer so l need anvy smart defender.

  12. Quoc Vuong says:

    It is the good software

  13. KaushikM12 says:

    Awesome Giveaway contest ! Please count me in the giveaway draw ! I want a genuine license key.
    In the past I have tried many antivirus securities like Avast , Avira, AVG, McAfee, QuickHeal, Kaspersky Internet Security, Eset Smart Security 5, Norton etc. Each having its own unique features.
    Anvi Smart Defender Pro has some of its extra features and most essential protection like : Guard PC Privacy, Guard system start up, Guard background processes, Guard files, Monitors web traffic, Monitors system and software behavior, Guard external drives, Detects Ad wares, malwares, Optimizes PC for performances,[new] Cloud scanner scans for latest threats and removes them, Works in background without disturbing your work, can detect and remove the latest and difficult to detect malwares, monitors every process and stop malicious processes in background, Real time cloud based protection stops malwares and adwares effictively and timely, comes with toolbox for extra PC maintenance, and many more. Wow exciting nah !
    I am excited for this giveaway! Please make my wish come true. I hope to win one license key.
    Best Regards !

  14. TONTHAT says:

    Please count me in. I’m always using free anti-virus software.

  15. relly says:

    a real great giveaway ,sounds real interesting to try, hope to win one , thanks alot…..

  16. Hiroshi says:

    Please do not post email in comment area.
    Type correct email in ’email field’, and that’s it.
    Please avoid typing rude words in comments.
    Thanks for all the feedback.

  17. Winnetou Haeberle says:

    In the past I have used avira and and kaspersky free version. I want to test the pro for free, please count me in. Regards & thank you.

  18. Solid Snake says:

    Nice another giveaway! I am currently using a Bitdefender, malwarebytes, and a program called Panda cloud Antivirus.

    I love that this can monitor Web traffic and software behavior. I have had to use Netlimiter to watch the incoming and outgoing traffic and to see which programs were connecting to the internet.

    Thanks. I am excited for this giveaway!

  19. gery says:

    hi all and this is my real email address [email protected]
    i like to add this AM software to my ******* of free software.
    hope i am lucky . The best part of a pro software is the support.

  20. sidd srk says:

    Count me in.I am using Malwarebytes and Kaspersky for my system protection.

  21. victor arreola says:

    I’ve used macphee and microsoft security essentials…but I need something that will protect me fro the malware and that it won’t interupt my computer count me in…thanks for the giveaway

  22. Bhavya says:

    Plz give it to me

  23. Andrey_I says:

    Thanks for this giveaway.
    My antivirus is Panda cloud Pro antivirus!
    It needs minimum of resources and has best detection ratio

  24. KaljuKalju says:

    Now it would be nice to test the full version when it is finished. I tested if it was still free. I Also wrote to them a translation, but unfortunately they did not say even thank you, not to mention the license.
    Then there was a very large number of errors and at times downright dangerous to use.

  25. bodo2000 says:

    Thank you for this offer.
    I use free version of malwarebytes-anti-malware and Free version of SuperAntiSpyware.

  26. Joseph Potter says:

    This would be a Great Addition to my security set-up Hope I Win One :-)

  27. asik says:

    Please count me in

  28. slav says:

    I think a very good program. until now I was using free antivirus but these days it’s not enough and started | drinking heavy to look for something better and I think I found. happy to move to the Anvi though please wykozystac free licenses to its full capabilities.
    We thank you and greet

  29. J.B. says:

    I’m definitely in the market for a new full retail security suite. This would make for a nice early B-Day present for me. LOL

    Since you ask for what we “have used” as opposed to “are using”:
    I’ve used Avast!, Avira, AVG, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, MSE mostly in suites.

    I’ve used more anti-malware programs than I can remember, but I think this covers most: Ad-Aware, a-squared, Spybot S&D, Malwarebytes (retail), SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard, SuperAntiSpyware, EULAlyzer (it’s saved me from installing some real crapware), WinPatrol (retail), ThreatFire, GeSWall, IObit Malware Fighter (retail). Can’t forget alternative browsers and their add-ons, but that’s just too much to list.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  30. jimmy says:

    hi my name is jimmy nassif from lebanon and this is my real email : [email protected] ,i used several programs that give protection against malware,trojan,adware and virus ,like superantispyware pro and eset smart security and kaspersky.these programs are so heavy on my pc and it take a lot of memory,so i think that your program will be beneficial for me because from it profile it look easy to access and powerful ,so please sign me in these 5 license ,i need one please….thank you for your hard work…good job and for more good info.thanks