Anvi Smart Defender Pro Giveaway Winners

by on August 7th, 2012

Anvi Smart Defender Pro Giveaway was offered at July 21st, 2012. Anvi Smart Defender Pro is award winning, user’s best choice anti-malware and anti-adware software. Not only it protects PC but also cleans and optimizes PC performance. It guards PC privacy, system startup, external drives, background processes, system files and monitors web traffic and software behavior. It optimizes PC for best performance and cloud scanner scans for latest threats and removes them. It offers quick scan, complete and custom scan options which work in background without disturbing your work and PC performance. It can detect and remove the latest and difficult to detect malwares. It monitors every process and stops malicious processes in background. Real time cloud based protection stops malwares and adwares effectively and timely. Anvi Smart Defender Pro comes with toolbox for extra PC maintenance (includes Cloud System Booster, Windows Update Downloader, Anvi Ad Blocker).

Now is the time for winners announcement. So here are 5 lucky winners.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro Winners

  1. Okusamericans
  2. Ethan
  3. Jimmy
  4. Techgeek
  5. Azmi

Congratulations. Emails are being sent to winners. Please comment at this post when you get your keys. If key does not work, let us know. Spread the word. Share your experience about Anvi Smart Defender Pro. Like us on Facebook and become TechMynd’s fan. Tweet about TechMynd. Bookmark TechMynd. Recommend TechMynd to friends and family. Stay tuned.

Guests who could not participate, can browse giveaway archives, and stay tuned for the coming giveaways.

2 Reviews

  1. Sumit Kumar Gogawat says:

    Congratulations to all winners. & Dont forget to say thanks to HIROSHI & TECHMYND. Great Always

  2. Ethan says:

    Thank you very mach!