Anvi Smart Defender Pro Giveaway Again – 10 Licence Keys

by on August 25th, 2012

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We offered Anvi Smart Defender Pro, Anti-malware Anti-adware Giveaway (5 license keys) at July 21st, 2012 Winners). We received 30 requests for the key and 5 lucky winners were selected. This time Anvisoft has again given us opportunity to giveaway even more license keys. 10 license keys worth ($250) are available for TechMynd’s guests. Subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter and comment this post to enter in giveaway. 10 lucky winners will be announced at 15 September 2012.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro guards privacy, startup, files and system background processes. It also comes with the premium guard that also guards web traffic, system and software behavior, USB removable drives and adwares. It comes with Anvisoft toolbox that includes ‘Cloud System Booster‘, ‘Windows Update Downloader‘, ‘Anvi Ad Blocker‘. It provides real-time protection for extra PC security from adware, malwares and dangerous threats.

Anvi Smart Defender Pro Features

  • Guard PC Privacy
  • Guard system startup
  • Guard background processes
  • Guard files
  • Monitors web traffic
  • Monitors system and software behavior
  • Guard external drives
  • Detects Adwares, malwares
  • Optimizes PC for performances
  • Cloud scanner scans for latest threats and removes them
  • Offers quick scan, complete and custom scan options
  • Works in background without disturbing your work
  • It can detect and remove the latest and difficult to detect malwares
  • It monitors every process and stop malicious processes in background
  • Real time cloud based protection stops malwares and adwares effictively and timely
  • Comes with toolbox for extra PC maintenance (includes Cloud System Booster, Windows Update Downloader, Anvi Ad Blocker)
  • Award-winning malware detection
  • Free updates and upgrades

Download Free Anvi Smart Defender

Download Free Anvi Smart Defender

Get Anvi Smart Defender Pro with License Key

Comment this post and use your real email address. Tell us, which software have you used for malware and adware removal? Which feature in this product is impressive. We have 10 license keys. 10 lucky winners will be announced at 15 September 2012.

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  1. king says:

    i hope i can get the pro please count me.

  2. khas says:

    it seems that i missed this opportunity for a long time but i think u should greet ur new fan with a chance to win this guarding post

  3. mayanl says:

    thanks as always – pls count me in.

  4. Kol says:

    Adware Block & Cloud Scan Engine appear to be a useful option within Anvi Smart Defender Pro
    hopefully will win a key to give this software a run for its money. thanx for the post

  5. Asriel Rusdyawan says:

    Thanks for this Giveaway Dude.
    Please count me in too

  6. Sumit Kumar Gogawat says:

    Another Great Giveaway from Techmynd & Hiroshi. I will desperate need of this Giveaway, because my system is badly effected from malware & viruses. Please count me in.

  7. suyanto says:

    l don’t use it before and l have no antimalware in my PC

  8. dp says:

    i am using this software. very good protection…….
    Thank you….

  9. Roel says:

    Must have!

  10. Solid Snake says:

    Nice, Im in also. Thanks Hiroshi!

  11. Ivan says:

    count me in ya Mr Hiroshi!!!! Thanks

  12. Ghost says:

    Thanks For campaign.

  13. Frenk Ozi says:

    Please need protection software…..

  14. Cool says:

    I hope can win a license as an extra layer of protection for my system. Thank for this giveaway!

  15. Victor Arreola says:

    Sign me up!!!