Anti-Piracy Fact Sheet and Microsoft Refurbisher Program

by on October 20th, 2010

bob wrong, anti piracy fact sheet

Bob is a wrong dude or bad guy who sells refurbished PC loaded with pirated software. Of course we all know about the term ‘Bob’ from the X-Men Evolution animated series in which wolverine name bad guys as Bob. If you haven’t watched X-Men Evolution Animated by Marvel then you have missed a lot of fun and if you do not know about the Microsoft Refurbisher Program then you are missing out the way how you can afford genuine PC loaded with original software for less.

Anti-Piracy Fact Sheet 2010

Following is the anti-piracy fact sheet 2010 published by Microsoft.

Anti-Piracy Fact Sheet 2010 (PDF)

Microsoft Refurbisher Program

Tens of millions of used computers, laptops, and servers that could otherwise be reused to extend their life are discarded each year by businesses, individuals, and organizations. If you want to enjoy the benefits of owning a computer that fits within your budget, consider a refurbished computer supplied by one of the Microsoft Refurbisher programs. Members in these programs take pre-owned computers, refurbish them, and preinstall genuine Microsoft software. You get a computer solution plus the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.

Microsoft Refurbisher Program