Angry Birds TV Cartoons Coming Up – Next – A Hollywood Film

by on April 3rd, 2012

According to reports, Angry Birds creator Rovio is searching for its television partners for series of animated shorts featuring Angry Birds and their rivals. Animated Angry Birds series will contains around 52 episodes each of 2 to 3 minutes in length and is being produced by Rovio at in-house production studios in Finland and they are seeking co-production partners according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Rovio has already launched several cartoons animated shorts of Angry Birds on YouTube showcasing the birds in adventures related to the game. The shorts are about how it was started, how pigs stole the eggs and how birds are trying to take the eggs back from pigs. The latest installment in Angry Birds series in the Angry Birds Space.

Cartoons are great promotional tools for such entertainment companies. Most of the entertaining cartoon stories end up on the big screen as Hollywood movies. Rovio has hopes for a feature film for Angry Birds. Nick Dorra, Rovio’s head of animation, told THR that the film has no set release date yet.

Obviously, the most popular game of all time will bring huge revenues resulting in creator’s hopes and ambition lift.
10 million downloads in just three days, proves Angry Birds to be the most hitting game/series of all time. The game was launched originally for only iOS and then after the tremendous response from the audience, now it is available on facebook, Android, MAC, PC and tablet devices as well.

All these milestones achieved by Rovio for Angry Birds encourage the company to go further and create a TV cartoon series of Angry Birds and then a Hollywood movie.