Angry Birds Space Cheats, Hints and Tips

by on April 1st, 2012

The old slingshot has overshot their target and launched angry birds into orbit. Angry Birds Space is a new version of the game and to have the most fun out of it, you should know how to use birds and their powers at the maximum level. You should know the location of golden eggs and egg steroids. You should know about the environment and material properties, material weakness and strength level, special hidden characters and how to unlock the special powers or special characters in the game. Here are angry birds space cheats and hints that will add maximum fun and excitement in your game.

Angry Birds Space Tips to get High Score

Easy Three Stars: Launch as few birds as possible to complete a stage to increase your score and get you a three-star rank.

High Scores: Do as much damage as possible in each level to increase over all score.

Frozen Pigs: Pigs must be in a bubble when not within a planetoid’s atmosphere. Pop the bubbles to freeze the pigs. Frozen pigs will shatter.

Construction Materials: Wood is weakest, then Ice, then Rock. Destroy wood first when possible.

Shoot Backwards: You don’t always have to aim forward when you use the slingshot to launch birds. You can also aim backwards. Some stages actually require backwards aim.

Ice Bird Use: Use the Ice Bird to turn wood and rock into ice. Use the Blue Birds to shatter that ice.

Golden Egg Eggsteroids Locations

You should look for golden eggs and egg steroids under green pigs, in the bushes of planet, on starting planet opposite to slingshot, in snow next to arrow sign.

Level 1-9: Directly under the Green Pigs.
Level 1-20: In the bushes of the planet.
Level 2-13: In the bushes of the bottom planet.
Level 2-25: On the starting planet, opposite from the slingshot.
Level 2-28: In the snow, next to the arrow sign.

Bird Types and Powers

Red Bird: The Red Bird is standard weapon bird. Red bird has no special powers, but does do well against wood.

Blue Birds: Blue Birds split into three when you tap/click the screen, and are most effective against ice structures.

Terence: Terence is a giant green bird with extreme destructive power. Launch him in the middle of any structure for maximum damage.

Lazer Bird (Purple Bird): Tap/click anywhere on the screen to create a purple target, which the Lazer Bird will then aim at.

Bomb Bird: Launch bomb bird anywhere you want to do massive damage. Wait until after the bird has made impact, then tap the screen to make him explode.

Ice Bird: The Ice Bird is the newest addition to the Angry Birds Space. Hitting Ice bird against any wood/rock structures will freeze them, turning them into Ice. As a good strategy turn the structures into ice by using ice birds and then use blue birds to smash ice structures easily.

Space Eagle: The Space Eagle is a special bird that can only be used if you have tokens. You earn three tokens for free, then you can either earn more for defeating boss characters, or you can buy more tokens through in-app purchases. You don’t launch the Space Eagle. When you use a token, you launch a can of sardines. Whereever the sardines hit, it will create a black hole in that area. The Space Eagle will appear from the black hole, destroying everything in its path.