Android Security Apps – Mobile Antivirus Software

by on March 30th, 2011

Your mobile is with you every time containing all your contacts, online accounts even Paypal IDs. The phone needs extra security from malware, viruses and spywares. Following are security apps for android which work great and keep your mobile phone safe from all kind of viruses.

Antivirus Free


Antivirus Free is a fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phone. Antivirus Free will detect new applications that are installed on your system, and cross-reference them with our database of known malicious apps. It uses less than 0.1% of your battery, and will let you know when such an app is detected. With the hundreds of malicious apps out in the wild, Antivirus Free is a must have for every Android user. It’s easier to use than the avg antivirus, faster than lookout and lighter on your battery than anything else! DroidDream, Geinimi and all of the latest viruses are detected by Antivirus Free!

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DroidDream Cleaner

droid dream cleaner

Diagnose and repair phones infected with DroidDream Malware. Google recently pulled more than 50 apps from the Android Market after they were found to contain the Android malware DroidDream. If you think your phone is infected with DroidDream, download this cleaner app. If you are infected, DroidDream Cleaner will delete the malicious files and repair any damage to your system. This app is not a replacement for Lookout Mobile Security, and will not detect or repair any other malware strains.

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Lockout Mobile Security for Android

Lookout is a security app for Android, developed by XDA member ‘Sonic Design’ which protects your Android handset from malware and viruses. Locate your lost or stolen phone on Google Maps with ‘Find My Phone’ feature. The app also provides a backup and restore. Lockout is a #1 Security App for Android.

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