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by on November 16th, 2013

Android Manager from iStonSoft is a full-featured Windows based software to manage Android contents on a Windows PC. Connect your Android device with Windows PC via USB cable and manage apps, music, photos, videos, books, contacts, sms messages, files on external storage and more. Easily install, uninstall apps, install apps in Android from PC by using apk files, copy documents and ebooks from computer to Android device, backup (csv file) and restore contacts, send sms from PC, browse or copy videos and music from PC to Android and from Android to PC, manage sdcard contents and more. The software costs $29.95 and we are giving away its 20 licenses for free. Read review and details below.

We used HTC HD2 running Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. Install Android manager in PC and connect Android device to PC. The software shows details about device and system on main screen which include device model, Android version, phone storage status, sdcard storage status and more.


Click thumbnail to view full image. Some contents in images have been distorted by us because we do not want to share few things (e.g. contact numbers) stored in our Android device so don’t get confused by that.

From the front screen you can access ‘install app’, ‘camera roll’, ‘backup contacts’, ‘send sms’ features. This is quick access to most used important features of the program.

When you purchase a new Android device, it takes time to install apps, add contacts, add videos and your favorite music in it. Now, chances are that you might change your Smart Phone very soon. Many users change the mobile device often but the operating system that is Android might remain the same. Only Android is flexible and affordable, right? So when you change your phone, how will you transfer data from old phone to new? Also the data can be lost anytime, so you need a data backup for contacts, sms, apps, music, videos, books, files stored in your Android device. That backup should preferably be in your desktop computer or laptop PC.

While data backup looks like a long tough task but with ‘Android File Manager’ it is not. You can backup everything from your phone to computer and transfer between different phones with ease. Transfer back your data from computer to phone selectively whenever you want. Its just a matter of importing or exporting different files.

From the name of the program, you’ll know that it will help you well-manage all data on your Android devices. And as a PC desktop application, it also allows users to manage all Android data on your computer without any restrictions.

Important Features

  • Copy and export anything from your Android Phones and Tablets to PC (including contacts, SMS, photos, music, books, etc.)
  • Import and export media files between your devices and computer arbitrarily
  • After backing up all your crucial files or contents on computer, you can restore them to your device when files are lost from your Android device or when you change the device
  • Easily Transfer and Edit Contacts
  • Import or export contacts through vCard files, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail and Outlook
  • Add contacts to your phone on computer, edit contacts on computer and un-duplicate contacts
  • Import and Export SMS Messages
  • Backup your SMS messages as .xml or .txt file on your computer
  • Import messages to your Android phone with ease
  • Manage your phone calls on computer directly, such as hang it off only or hang it off and reply with a message
  • Group Texting Function to Save Your Time
  • Send messages to multiple people from your computer through Android phones at once
  • Quickly install/uninstall and organize apps
  • Directly download and install your favorite app on your computer
  • Uninstall useless app on PC, including those pre-installed on rooted phones
  • Backup apps from your Android phone to computer and share apps with your friends on SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • Download apps from Google Play directly in your Android device from PC
  • Set your own favorite music as the phone alarm or notification ringtones
  • Manage any files you’ve saved in your Android phone’s SD card from your computer

How to Get the Full Version

Comment below by using your original email address and tell us which Android manager have you been using and what features do you like for an Android manager? How do you like this software? Why do you want it? 20 Lucky winners will be announced after 17 December 2013.

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8 Reviews

  1. bhavyagupta23 says:

    I am a user of android OS and this is a very helpful software..i want it

  2. grr says:

    thanks for the giveaway. I’m using Airdroid now, but will definitely want to win this manager.

  3. amon says:

    Thanks for sharing!
    I would like to win a license.


  4. mpnkarthik says:

    I like Easily Transfer, Edit and Backup Contacts feature.
    I will prefer Android manager which will be easy to use.
    This one seems full of features and easy to use.
    So, I want this one as from PC I can manage Android device.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Sinoj says:

    aI am Sinoj. I recently started using Android mobile. I never used any Android File Manager. I like it’s contact, Message, Apps backing up and restoring features. also downloading Apps from Play store using PC. I need one.

  6. Isd says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. At present I am not using any Android Manager. I will prefer Android manager which will be easy to use. This one seems full of features and easy to use. I want this one as from PC I can manage Android device.

  7. vadarsagar says:

    I have been using the default explorer and it sucks.
    I have lost my data due to it.

    So, i needed a reliable manager for it and found it on your site.

    The best thing about android file manager is the i can backup my all the data.

    But the problem is that is i can’t affort the money due my computer damage on recent.

    So, please please count me in.

    Thanks and great giveaway

  8. mizdoc says:

    I’ve used several file managers; haven’t found one yet that I like. Still looking for a good one; this sounds like it would be worth using.
    Count me in for this giveaway please.