Amazon Kindle 3

by on September 15th, 2010

kindle 3

Kindle 3 is a gift for readers. Its got everything you can imagine to facilitate reading. You can even read in bright sunlight using Kindle and if you don’t want to read, use text to speech facility available in Kindle. Amazon Kindle 3 rocks. Use Kindle without recharging for a month and read books (Battery life long enough for space shuttle missions). Its smaller, lighter, faster with 3G wireless. Some say that Kindle is better than the Apple iPad, the Barnes and Noble Nook and the various Sony readers. Kindle is portable replacement for physical books. Kindle is best dedicated ebook reader you can buy.

Kindle 3 Features

  • All-New, High-Contrast E-Ink Screen – 50% better contrast
  • Read in Bright Sunlight – No glare
  • New and Improved Fonts – New crisper, darker fonts
  • New Sleek Design – 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6″ size reading area
  • 15% Lighter – Only 8.7 ounces, weighs less than a paperback
  • Battery Life of One Month – A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off
  • Double the Storage – Up to 3,500 Books
  • Books in 60 Seconds – Download books anytime, anywhere
  • Free 3G Wireless – No monthly payments, no annual contracts
  • Built-In Wi-Fi – In addition to the 3G wireless, you can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots
  • 20% Faster Page Turns – Seamless reading
  • Enhanced PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • New WebKit-Based Browser – Free 3G web browsing (experimental)

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