AllMyApps is Features Rich App Store for Windows

by on May 14th, 2013


Allmyapps is like a Windows Apps Store. Its like the Apple apps store for MAC. You can find free software for Windows, install those apps and manage them easily. Do you need a centralized management for software installed on PC? Do you need to search free software often? Do you want to get notified as soon as installed software in PC get updated versions? Allmyapps seems to answer these questions. AllMyApps is a standalone software that does not need web browser. After installation it provides a nice interface to search, install and manage apps. Don’t get confused by apps, these are regular software that you install on Windows.

Allmyapps lists more than 16,000 free to download apps and games. It helps you get the automatic app updates and installation. Discovery apps or get recommendations. Apps have been managed in categories. When you select an app and install, you do not need to open several pages to search that app and find its download link. The download starts immediately in AllMyApps interface.

At the left top corner, a menu displays new apps, staff recommendations, hot apps, and PC essentials. This program will save your time and energy in finding and installing right software for you. If you install Windows, normally you have to browse several websites to download essential software for PC. With this software you can find and install all essential apps without opening web browser once.

It will display software information, license information and all other details related to that app, before you install it. You can start multiple installations on this program without going anywhere else on the web.

There are Npackd and Ninite similar to this software but AllMyApps is more robust and features rich than these two.

Give it a try and see how it makes your digital life easier.

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