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by on September 30th, 2010


You have played lots of games, right. If you are classic games fan then this one is the most fun to play. You have played Marvel VS Capcom, Cyber Bots, DC, Mega Man, Red earth, Ninja Turtles, Street Fighters, King of Fighters, Spider Man and many many more games right? Well, there is a way that you can mix them all up – choose your stage or background, choose any character, choose any opponent from all the games you have played and create your own fighting game. Its a platform where you can install characters from any game and choose from many stages. Let’s say Ken VS Spiderman, Ryo VS Wonder Man, Aquaman VS Snake Eyes, Juggernaut VS Cammy (Oh! I love Cammy)…Whatever you want. There are many options to choose from. You will need an emulator and you will need to download characters and stages of your choice to start playing. Sumit Gogawat suggested us this one. Thank you Sumit Gogawat.

The emulator is Mugan and we will tell you how to customize it and make it all in one Fighting Game Platform. You can add limitless characters that have been ported by people that are available to download. All sorts of strange combination can be had e.g. Homer vs Batman.

First see the videos below.

Hulk VS The Thing

MUGEN Thor and Cable VS Wonder Woman and ICE


Superman vs Thor

Superman VS Hulk

M.U.G.E.N (MUGEN) is a freeware 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte. The engine allows anyone to create characters, background stages and other game objects through interpreted text files, graphics, and sound compilations. Everything customizable.

How to Install Mugen Characters and Stages

This is how you install characters in mugen.

Download characters (links below)
Extract character archive and copy/paste the character folder in mugan’s first folder named as char
Go to the file select.cfg in data folder (data/select.cfg)
Type the character name under where it says ‘insert your characters below’.

Format Example:

Gambit, stages/theTempleOfTheTiger.def

Where Gambit is character name and the folder with same name should be available in char folder of mugan. We have typed stage name infront of character Gambit, which we assume that we have downloaded earlier. We want to load that stage when Gambit is being played.

This is how you install stages in mugen.

Stages is another folder in mugan.
Download stage files (links below)
Extract the contents of downloaded stage and copy/paste those in stages folder of mugan.
Find [ExtraStages] in data/select.def file.
Below that, Add stage name.

For Example:


While stages is folder name and there should be theTempleOfTheTiger.def file for this stage to work. You might want to copy the music file from the stage files you downloaded and copy/psate that file in the folder named as sound.

So you added Gambit character files/folder in char folder and stage files containing theTempleOfTheTiger.def file in stages folder.

Then you opened data/select.cfg file and types there character and stage as mentioned above at appropriate place.

Now if you run the Mugan emulator / Mugan game engine, Gambit character is ready to play in theTempleOfTheTiger stage.

Read contents of data/select.cfg file for help in Mugan.

While data, stages and char are directories / folders that come in Mugan.

How to Increase Characters thumbs in Mugan (Default is 12)

mugan characters

At the point of selecting your character, you will encounter a screen with the 12 thumbs max. Doesn’t matter you have installed 100 characters but it will show first 12 characters which is confusing and you will wonder that where are the other characters you just installed.

To add more thumbs for available characters you will have to edit a file located at:

In Mugan data folder > mugan1 folder > system.def file
Search for Character select definition

fadein.time = 10
fadeout.time = 10
rows = 4
columns = 3

Change the row and columns numbers and restart the mugan.

How to Use Mugan

There comes a default character with Mugan which is boring. You will have to add characters, stages and then edit select.def file in data folder to make new fighter characters available for you.

Run mugen exe
Select different modes
You might want to check out the options and controls
Default keys are [,],;,’, arrow keys, enter
You might want to change them to A,S,D,Q,W,E, Enter, Arrow Keys
Select character to play with
Start the battle

Add characters and stages and then edit select.def file in folder named as data to enable new characters.

Download Mugan Games Engine (8.3 MB)

Mugan Homepage

Download Mugan Characters

Download Mugan Stages

Build your own fighting character for Mugan

Mugan at wikipedia

Download Mugan with 70+ Characters Ready to Play