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by on January 30th, 2014

Mobogenie is an “All-in-one Android/Smartphone Manager”. It performs well and presents a convenient way to backup, restore and manage mobile content and apps. It makes it easy to download ringtones, apps, games, videos and wallpapers. To sum it all up, Mobogenie is one the best apps to manage your mobile device using your computer.

Mobogenie is an android community which let users manage their android device from computer. It not only let you control your device, but the problem of a touch screen is also solved. It comes with various dynamic features including letting you send your text messages from pc. You can manage your phone data in a single click with the help of Mobogenie.

Mobogenie includes a user-friendly interface which make it easy to traverse through device. You can manage applications, music, videos, picture gallery, contacts, text messages and more. A backup and restore option is also available. You can also install apk apps, games, ringtones and wallpapers by using this app.
Mobogenie includes following features:


This app provides the option to download, update and remove applications directly from your computer. This is particularly expedient for those who use 2G connectively on their mobiles. Mobogenie suite displays the whole Play Store in its suite, where you can search and install any application of your choice.


You can download thousands of HD wallpapers and set them on your mobile screen from your computer. With Mobogenie suite, it becomes easy to select wallpapers when you see them clear and big.


Now a days majority of mobile holders have lost their interest in ringtones and takes it as old trend. But this software will remind you the fun of trying new, funny ringtones again. You can set any ringtone as your caller tone, alarm tone or notification alerts directly from your suite.


Mobigenie includes an in-built youtube downloader. You can search the youtube video from Youtube Tab in upper bar. It will open the youtube site within the suite. Whenever you play a video, a download option will appear. Available formats for that video would be given. Simply choose the format and hit download, that video will appear in your mobile.


There are many games which are 20Mb and above, these games take a lot of time to install when you use a slow mobile network. This problem can be neutralized by downloading games from your computer.


Mobogenie also contains the option of backup and restore. You can backup applications, contacts, music, images, videos, text messages and restore them later if you change or factory reset your mobile device. If the backup/restore data is above 18GB, the software will not work fast.

Data Management

Under mobile phone management, you can find the options to manage your mobile data. You can access your Contact List and arrange it by adding, editing or removing a contact. You can view your entire thread of Text Messages and reply to any SMS directly from your computer. Managing Applications and Games is a lot easier when you do it from your pc. Mobogenie provides you with the option to install, update or delete any application or game. You can also move any application to SD card by using this software. You can manage your Music and Video library by adding or deleting any track. In suite you can view your Images on bigger screen than your mobile which makes it easy to manage them.

How to install
  • Download it on your PC and mobile.
  • Connect your mobile device with your computer via USB cable.
  • On your mobile (Android 4+) go to Settings < Developers Option < USB Debugging
  • Enable debug mode.
  • Software will detect the device and start syncing.
  • Once the synchronization process is done you will see all your mobile content under My Phone tab.

When you connect the mobile with computer, it also get charged. You will see an option of Supercharge which simply increase the speed of charging your phone. When a mobile device is connected to Mobogenie for the first time, software automatically detects the perfect driver for your phone. The driver organize the program in a form that it makes your next connection fast and unbroken.

Download MoboGenie

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