ADW Launcher Stopped Responding – Break Android Launcher Force Close Loop

by on July 8th, 2013

Recently on my HTC HD2 I installed Android Gingerbread version 2.3.7 (Mod version CyanogenMod-7-10012011-Nightly-Desire TyphooN_v3.6.8-MAGLDR and ADW version 1.3.6 System CM 1.1). Previously I had Ice Cream Sandwich that was creating memory problems on HTC HD2. Gingerbread CyanogenMod TyphooN however runs smoothly. After installation I was pretty satisfied with the performance and system functionality. I installed few apps and used it for few days. It was amazing. Then I installed few themes from the web and then the ADW launcher crashed and stopped responding. A force close loop started on the mobile screen that displayed information that ADW Launcher has stopped, force close ADW Launcher. I tried everything but this pop up was not going anywhere. I restarted the phone, powered off phone again and then powered it on. The crash alert message was still there on mobile screen. I tried to close the ADW lanucher but nothing worked. Finally I figured it out and this is what worked for me.

Here is force close loop. Watch video:

I deleted all the cache and hard reset the phone to factory defaults. All my apps and data from phone was erased but the system became refreshed just like first time installed Android 2.3 with CyanogenMod. I set my phone up again, configured settings and it was a fresh start. I had to reinstall all my apps but the problem was solved.

To do that, restart the phone by pressing power button. Press Power+Home+Volume Down buttons at the same time and keep pressing them until you see the boot menu. Select option that says ‘Hardreset’ or ‘AD Hardreset’.


That will reset the phone to factory defaults. Of course it is the last thing you would want to do because all the apps will be gone. There are few other solutions that have been reported to work with different users as given below.

You can also Hard Reset Phone from Android Settings if you can access settings.

How to Factory Reset Android from Settings

Restarting the phone might solve the problem. For some it fixed the problem of launcher force close loop.

If you close the error message, alert window disappears but it quickly pops out again. One possible solution can be to close the alert message and quickly press start button on phone (on HTC HD2 start button is the central button – third button from left or right) and that is situated together with the back key button.

After pressing Start button few options will appear
Go to Settings
Go to ADWLauncher
Try to select options in the bottom that say ‘Restart ADW’ and/or ‘Reset ADW’
If crash pop up alert does not comes in your way, this should solve the problem.

If you can get into the settings menu you should be able to uninstall ADW from the applications sub menu. You can also clear defaults for the launcher so it’ll bring you back to the selection screen where you can select the default launcher or ADW or you can uninstall the launcher completely.

You can also change the Android launcher and install any other from Google Play Store instead of just ADW launcher. Few good launchers are LauncherPro, Zeam, GO Launcher EX and VTL.