Advanced Robots Videos

by on June 15th, 2009

Robots represent our subconscious effort to become better humans or create better human like machines so that we can live more lazy life while robots do our daily stuff. Robots of this age can walk, talk, move objects, replace home pets, play guitar or violin for you, cook for you, serve you in any way you want and much more… Enjoy some videos of robots involving artificial intelligence.

Asimo Robot by Honda

Asimo by Honda – Commercial

Asimo Running, Moving/Carrying Objects

Asimo robot looks pretty scared itself. But still it can walk, run and move objects, bring tea for you and sense objects.

Robot Climbs Stairs

This stupid robot shows how to climb stairs without looking ahead and falling down from the middle of the way to upwards. I mean it was trying to climb stairs by not looking at the stairs, and it fell down backwards. Here is a lesson for little children.

Robot Violinist

An artist robot. Nop! The heart and soul of music is in its creation. This robot is playing a pre-recorded script of digital ones and noughts which control its motors, mimicking human motion.

Robot Fish

Tired of filing your home fish aquarium when fish die one by one? Here is the solution. Fill your aquarium with this one. Robot fish. Atleast these won’t die. Perhaps in future these would be able to communicate with you too.

Toshiba Protype Robot Controls Devices In Livingroom

Just record instructions for remote control devices in this toad like beautiful ugly robot and it will do the job for you like turning on and off your TV, lights and more…

Giant Robot Dinosaurs (Japan)

Robot Dinosaurs with very irritating stupid roar and noises.

Robot Solving Rubiks Cube

Jellyfish Robot

Kung Fu Robot

Millennia Robot

Sony Robot