Advanced Multi-threaed File Copy Paste with Resume Capability

by on December 8th, 2009


RichCopy is a free performance management software and utility and is a multithreaded copying tool. Rather than copying one file at a time in serial order, RichCopy can open multiple threads simultaneously, allowing many files to be copied in parallel and cutting the total time required to complete the operation several times over. You can also pause and resume file copy operations, so if you lose network connectivity at any point, you can just pick up where you left off.

RichCopy is designed to help people who copy huge number of files between storage devices directly or indirectly over the network by accelerating copy performance and shorten the time people has to spend for file copy operation. This acceleration has been realized by improving network and storage device utilization with technology used for server services.

  • Improved and faster copy performance
  • Profile based copy option for users
  • Multiple source for copy
  • Increased supported copy threads (more than 256 threads)
  • Detail file / directory filtering (with any date/time stamp)
  • Full command line support
  • Optimized copy method
Download RichCopy

Download RichCopy (5.75 MB)