AdSense Ad Units Format Changed – Less Clickable Ads

by on November 14th, 2007


To avoid accidental clicks Google has made some changes in format of AdSense Ad Units now. Previously, visitors could click on the background and full text of an ad, but now they can click only on the title and URL of a text ad. No longer valid are clicks on the background and clicks on the text that is not the title or URL in the ad.

In an advertiser point of view, this is good! but many publishers think it will decrease a lot of adsense earnings by decrease in click-through rate. But I think this preventive measure will put quality in advertisement for advertisers.

The reasoning given by AdSense for change in their text ad formats is to help reduce accidental clicks, increase value for advertisers and improve advertiser campaign value. A reduction in accidental clicks will keep users on your pages, interacting with your content until they choose to click on an ad. This change will enhance the user’s overall experience with your websites.

I think it makes sense and is a good step. No good webmaster even wants user to accidently click ad and go away. Instead a good webmaster or blogger wants to give more valued content and information. The only purpose of ads is not to earn but also give users other valuable resource to explore, in the case they want it. It is all on user’s choice.

However this important format change in AdSense text ad must be in mind of publisher, advertiser and user as well.