Adobe Flash Player 9 – Where is the debugger or host Application Running – Solution

by on November 20th, 2008

Adobe Flash Player 9 – Where is the debugger or host Application Running

Adobe Flash Player 9 application has some missing component. Sometimes when a user opens a website, even he has a working installation of Flash Player, he will get this prompt message. I used to visit a website regularly and that website gave me always this prompt. I thought that the website has something to do with it and when I clicked at “Don’t connect”, it always disappeared. Then I got this prompt today at my own website. I had to find some solution. Try these methods which have worked for me:

flash debugger problem

How to fix the Flash Player 9 debugger problem

There can be two possible solutions.

First Solution

When the page opens, the element that is causing the problem will not be shown correctly. Right click at that and click at Debugger if the prompt is not opened already or you just cancelled it. This will bring the prompt again.
It will ask that where the debugger or host application is running and will provide two choices:

  • Localhost
  • Other Machine
  • Select Other Machine
  • Write in the IP Address box Local Machine Address i.e.
  • Check the box which says Don’t show this dialogue at launch
  • Click connect button

Problem should be solved and if you are running Flex Builder then you will notice the change that the connection has been successful.

Second Solution

If all goes well, your Flash Player 9 Debugger issues should be resolved.

[ For more, Please read comments, to see how people managed to fix it ]

32 Reviews

  1. moduca says:

    Thanks. Second option was perfect!!!

  2. Gustavo says:

    I tested the second solution for Firefox, very easy and simple, and so far it worked! (Hopefully it will stay working!)
    And, in my case, often Firefox stopped working when that annoying message showed up, so thanks a lot!

  3. Steve says:

    I used the 2nd solution and it worked perfecto :) Thank you very much.

  4. Hello World says:

    I recommend the second method its more convenient , techmynd Thank You Very much ^_^

  5. Mariel says:

    THANK GOD! and thank you too! This message kept showing and was driving me mad!

  6. fredy says:

    thanks, Upgrade to Flash 10 resolved the problem!!!

  7. dextor says:

    Solution two works…
    my firefox was crashing…
    after installing the debugger which you mentioned above,
    its working correctly..

  8. Dewi says:

    Thanks a lot!!!
    It’s really helping

  9. Lydia says:

    Thank you!!!!!!

  10. Peppy says:

    Thanks bro! i love you! <3!

  11. Donnie Fair says:

    Upgrade to Flash 10.x solved my problems w/ Chrome.

  12. david says:

    It worked. Thanks alot

  13. André G. Bottan says:

    Hi Hiroshi!

    I donwloaded and installed the latest Flash Player that you recommended, and it fixed the problem. Since my last post the annoying screen didn’t popped again. I’m just “feedbacking” you about it.

    Thank you very much for the tip!

  14. melvin says:

    sir .. why you dont have the fix for OPERA.. im freakin out sir for that debugger.. help pls..

  15. Hiroshi says:

    @André G. Bottan: @sathish: The solution is to update FireFox to the latest version:
    and download latest flash player plugin from Adobe.
    I have the latest versions which definitely fix the problem.
    And if you still experiencing problem for the flash player 9 debug and flex thing, please proceed here for activex control content debugger:

  16. André G. Bottan says:

    Hi Hiroshi! (forgive my bad english)

    I have this ‘debugger-window-problem’ and I was seeking for a solution.

    This post of yours is very nice, but it did not solved my problem. I have, indeed, some difficulties in understanding it.
    I’m asking to you for some better explanation. (May I’m being a little stupid, hehehehe. So help me please)

    So… Where the “Don’t show this dialogue at launch” checkbox is on the window-image. I’m using Windows XP/SP2 (too much old, perhaps?), and my ‘debugger-window’ does not have this check, like the image on the post, and the flash context menu does not have it too.

    I found in another site a “Windows Vista” version of this danmmed windows, and it had the checkbox.

    It is in

    Wich operational system are you refering in this tutorial?

    Ahn… I tried the ‘install-patch’ for Firefox (the browser tha I’m using) and the installation did not worked.

    In any case, I’m glad that keen people like you give attention to these boring problems.

    Thank you, in advance.

  17. sathish says:

    i am working in mozila firefox. where is the debugger or host application running message displayed. please tell hiroshi

  18. Bugnguts says:

    Thank you Hiroshi. I was getting very frustrated, almost to the point of likingAdobe to AOL, which is the gravest of insults. Now with lower blood pressure my life expectancy is extended by a couple weeks. Thanks.

  19. Hiroshi says:

    @Alex: Glad to hear that problem is solved.

  20. Alex says:

    thanks for the help / links…the second one where i got the latest version seems to have solved the problem!

  21. Alex says:


  22. Hiroshi says:

    If there will be any update or solution regarding above problem, it will be found on these two URLs.

  23. Hiroshi says:

    If we go for adobe flash plugin. It is available for Vista, supporting IE and Firefox but there is no release for Google Chrome Browser yet. As soon as I find some solution, I will let you know.
    Google Chrome is in beta phase. Its support in other applications will have to wait I think.

  24. Ron says:

    Operating System: Windows Vista
    Browser: Google Chrome
    Problem: Nearly every flash based application that I have come across online has caused this error. It doesn’t seem to occur in Firefox nor Internet Explorer. Is there a Flash Player plugin for Chrome?

  25. Alex says:

    thanks for the post – i’m on google crome and get the exact same message on and some other sites – it’s annoying.

    the ip solution didn’t work for me…any other ideas?? thanks.

  26. Hiroshi says:

    @JJ: I suggest you to replace.

  27. JJ says:

    I have been using the FP bundled within Flex builder. I guess I should install the plugin version debugger. But it’s not clear to me if I should replace the FP in Flex builder.

  28. Hiroshi says:

    Linux users: Updated Linux debugger versions (aka debug players or content debuggers) of Flash Player 9 are now available. Additionally, the Linux standalone player (projector) is available for developers who wish to publish projectors on Linux operating systems. Download following update and install it.

    More help & download options:

  29. JJ says:

    I came across the same problem in Linux using Flex Builder with FP 9, neither way works. Comments?

  30. Hiroshi says:

    No, it won’t help reinstalling Flash. You can try SECOND SOLUTION above. Download fix and install that.

  31. hi says:

    hi. i have tried the IP address solution but the same window that is asking where the host application or host application appears.

    can i install flash 9 again will this solve the problem?