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by on March 19th, 2011

Small screen, big opportunity. AdMobile is mobile advertising and monetization solution. Google recently released AdMob Windows Phone 7 SDK to developers that let them allow to place Google ads right inside their applications. According to googlemobileads blog:
With Windows Phone 7 SDK, developers can easily integrate advertising into their applications, control where the ads appear, and what types of ads are shown in their apps. The SDK supports text and banner ads with a variety of post click actions including opening a webpage and linking directly to the App Marketplace.

They can customize the ad experience for the look and feel of the Windows Phone 7 platform and make it easy for users to return to their application after engaging with the ad. Publishers can download the new SDK today by logging into their AdMob account and adding a site type of Windows Phone 7.

In addition to the new beta Windows Phone 7 SDK, they also updating existing iOS and Android SDKs. The new SDKs include enhanced HTML5 support for ad units that enable advertisers to create more engaging, richer ads and in turn, an improved user experience. We’re also now supporting full screen interstitial formats for tablets on iOS and Android.

Publishers can download the new SDKs by logging into their accounts and selecting “Get Publisher Code” from the Manage Settings of their app. Publishers are advised to upgrade during their next development cycle to ensure they are using the latest version of the code and maximizing their revenue opportunities.